Primo, Inject VS Oral

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(methenolone Acetate and Methenolone Enanthate) Oral and Injectable



Like many other potent anabolic steroids used in bodybuilding and other sports, this particular steroid was also first created in the 1950s. It was commonly used in medicine in the 1960s and 70s to treat weakness, muscle wasting, treat anemia, general weakness, fatigue. However, with more strict control over the production of steroids, many manufacturers decided to leave the business.


Primobolan is available for human use in some countries. Though it is more widely available for veterinary use, it is a legal steroid to a degree as many large factories are still producing it.


Primobolan is the brand name of methenolone. It comes as acetate for oral use, and as enanthate for injections. Like most injectable forms, enanthate is an ester. Esterification helps prolong the action of steroids.

Benefits of Primobolan

Since there are so many steroids, the most important question is how this particular steroid differs from other steroids.


To begin with, it is among some of the most potent steroids with an excellent anabolic to androgenic ratio. It means that it has much higher anabolic activity than androgenic. This means that it will help build muscles but is less prone to cause side effects like over masculinization, body hair growth, acne, mood disorders, and so on.


It is three to four times stronger than testosterone, and several times more selective anabolic. Thus, it is one of the excellent anabolic for improving physique. It is moderately good for bulking, building strength. Those in cutting phase love it. It is regarded as one of the best steroids for competition preparation.


Another essential thing to know is that it does not go through aromatization. This means that it does not get converted to estrogen or other similar metabolites. In practice, this means that its prolonged use will not cause side effects like gynecomastia.


Availability in both injectable and oral form is another added benefit. Since, sometimes, if a person cannot use injectables, he or she may use oral forms.


It has quite a long half-life of about 14 days.


This must be taken into consideration when using it. It can be taken every week. And longer half-life means accumulation and increasing effect with each weak. Similarly, it also means the need for a longer rest period, as the body needs at least a month to get rid of it and its metabolites completely.


The safety profile of Primobolan/methenolone is similar to other steroids. However, it is worth noticing that it is one of the most potent suppressors of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. Thus, it is more probable to cause hypogonadism and infertility.


This does not mean that it cannot be used, but young athletes must be careful. To avoid hypogonadism and infertility, strictly use it in cycles, and do not forget using post-cycle therapy.


To conclude, Primobolan is a moderate steroid with an excellent safety profile. It may not be the best for beginners, but those with some experience can use it either alone or in stacking.



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