Coronavirus and steroids

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Coronavirus, Steroids and Bodybuilding!

All you need to Know

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Now, coronavirus has become a global epidemic; it is logical to ask how it will influence anyone’s lifestyle, how it will impact bodybuilding?


To begin with, start understanding what coronavirus is? Exposure to coronavirus is not new for humans. Coronavirus and rhinovirus, are the two most common viruses, responsible for the outbreaks of the common cold.


However, this particular outbreak differs as the more aggressive mutation of coronavirus causes it, which is generally found only in animals. This specific type is called “Novel coronavirus” or “Covid-19”.


The most common symptoms of this infection (Covid-19) are fever, malaise, cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches, and in much lesser cases, confusion, headache, sore throat, rhinorrhea, chest pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. This infection differs from the common cold in a way that it frequently causes lung infection (pneumonia), leading to respiratory failure or even multiorgan toxicity.


However, young people active in sports have fewer reasons to worry. Covid-19 is far less dangerous for young and physically active individuals. The fatality rate for coronavirus is high in those above the age of 50, and those above 80 years are especially at high risk. Young and gym going individuals will have much less severe infection, and the fatality rate is extremely low (much less than 0.5%- though final figures are not established).


This means, regularly going to the gym, consuming a nutrient-rich diet, is a better bet. The spread of coronavirus is no reason to stop pumping iron until or unless some emergency has been declared in that particular region.


How will coronavirus affect my steroid cycle?

bodybuilding with a mask in gymLike all viral infections, coronavirus causes muscle aches, nerve pains, weak immunity, physical weakness, along with all the other classical symptoms of viral infection. Thus, during the peak of the disease, going to the gym becomes difficult (and is not recommended as a person may spread the virus).


There are no studies regarding the steroid cycle and coronavirus infection. However, the milder disease is no reason to discontinue it too. In more severe cases, one may just take a break or reduce the total dose.


In case one gets infected during the steroid cycle, there is no reason to worry as steroids do not harm in such cases. However, it will be a good idea to discontinue the cycle, to provide the body, adequate rest, and also to avoid any unwanted interactions with other medications.


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Will coronavirus kill me while on steroids

Definitely not. Do not confuse anabolic steroids with just steroids. Steroids word is used to describe a large number of hormones or hormone-like substances, and anabolic steroids are only one type of steroids.


It someone searches on the internet just for steroids, it is quite probable that he or she will get the wrong information or information related to corticosteroids. Corticosteroids are also steroids but are entirely different from anabolic steroids. Corticosteroids are complex hormones and drugs with a potent anti-inflammatory effect, but also immune-suppressing effect. Those taking corticosteroids for treating chronic conditions (like autoimmune diseases) are at higher risk of dying from coronavirus infections.


Anabolic steroids share no traits with corticosteroids (though both are steroids). Anabolic steroids boost immunity and the ability to resist infection. In fact, abrupt discontinuation of anabolic steroids (by experienced users), may worsen the things.


So, coronavirus will not kill you while on steroids (anabolic). Do not discontinue them abruptly. If unsure, consult a medical specialist.


Can steroids help to cure coronavirus

No, anabolic steroids do not have any direct influence on such an infection.  In most cases, they will neither help nor harm. Anabolic steroids, until or unless severely abused, do not alter immunity much. However, they may help a bit in some cases by boosting immunity.


Finally, consequences will depend on whether a person is a user or abuser of steroids. Prolonged abuse of steroids may adversely impact immune responses, but only to a small degree.


Using steroids may help fight infection in some cases. Anabolic steroids are recommended for the treatment of muscle wasting related to chronic viral diseases like HIV. Thus, steroids will help a person recover faster from the consequences of infections.


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Can I get coronavirus from steroids bought in China? Can they be infected with coronavirus?

bodybuilder infected with covidThere are hundreds of reasons to say, “No.” It is practically not possible to get coronavirus infection from steroids bought in China.

All steroids are prepared in a sterile environment, where even inflow and outflow of the air are controlled. Most factories are highly automated, and very few individuals are ever allowed to enter the sterile zones of factories.


Steroids also have added excipients, and these excipients have antiseptic properties to ensure that even if a single microbe makes its way to a medication, it is killed there in a short time.

We can be sure that there are zero risks of contaminated steroids. However, some may worry that coronavirus may get transported by riding on an outer packing. Again, chances of such a thing happening are nil.


The pack which consumers get is not the final packing. Steroids are packed in multiple boxes. Like the vial or box of tablets are packed into the packing of 10 boxes, and then they are further packed into a large carton of 100 or thousand pieces. Then large cartons are further covered with outer packing, and so on.


Coronavirus loves animals or a human body, but not an outer environment. In the environment, it cannot survive for more than 14 days – though much less in most cases. International supply happens at a much slower pace. Thus, even if it is assumed that some coronavirus has fallen on the outer packing, it will still not survive until it reaches its destination.


Coronavirus spreads mainly through droplets, and rarely by touching things – it is not the primary way in which it spreads.


Finally, it is essential to understand that there is a need for exposure to a certain minimum amount of viral load for getting infected. It means that one or two (or even a few hundred) coronaviruses cannot cause infection. Only when they enter the body in large amounts, that they can defeat inner defenses of the body that is immunity.


To conclude, there is no reason to panic. Continue with gym and steroid cycles, as this may help. However, in case of a local emergency, one may need to take precautions, discontinue going to the gym till further notice, and thus for a short time, stop taking performance-enhancing substances.