Stanozolol (Winstrol) and bodybuilding

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Stanozolol (Winstrol) and bodybuilding

Stanozolol is sold under various brand names with Winstrol one of the most common brands. It is also known as Winny within the bodybuilding world. There are more than 20 different types of steroids used in bodybuilding, and each differs a bit from another. Stanozolol has its unique place in the world of bodybuilding.


Here are some of the reasons why Stanozolol is loved by bodybuilders:

  • Available in both oral and injectable form, although the oral form is preferred by most.
  • Does not aromatize or get converted to estrogen and does not cause side effects like gynecomastia.
  • High anabolic to androgenic ratio means that does not cause severe virilization in women or other side effects characteristic of androgens like testosterone.
  • Stanozolol is suitable for both the genders as an anabolic.
  • It is better for cutting in males and bulking in females.
  • Because it does not interact much with other steroids, it is also an excellent choice for stacking.


Blister with stanozolol tablets

For the reasons mentioned above, Stanozolol remains one of the most used steroids in the bodybuilding. In bodybuilding, it is normal to compare steroids with testosterone. In comparison to testosterone, Winstrol has a one-fifth affinity for androgenic receptors. In simple language, it means that it is five times weaker than testosterone as androgen and thus does not cause side effects like acne, hair loss, the growth of body hair, or virilization in women.


However, Stanozolol is also weaker for gaining muscle mass and strength when compared to some other steroids. It means that it is better fit for either maintaining the results or combining with other steroids. It is regarded as one of the best steroids when preparing for competition.


Stanozolol is not a new steroid, and it was invented way back in the 1950s. In those days it was approved by FDA for the treatment of the range of health conditions like wasting due to disease, osteoporosis, anemia, and even dwarfism. However, with the advent of better drugs for these conditions, FDA withdrew its approvals.


Stanozolol properties

It is among the few anabolic steroids that are available both as an injection and a pill. When taken orally, it is well absorbed and does not go the first-pass metabolism in the liver. Oral dose lasts for about 9 hours, and there is a need for taking a tab twice a day. Injection of Stanozolol, on the other hand, last longer and a single injection in 24 hours is enough. However, the oral dose is regarded as more toxic for the liver, something that must be considered when using Stanozolol.


Stanozolol does not get attached much to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), which means that more of it is available to work. Generally, anabolic steroids that are more attached to SHBG are slow to work as part of the drug attached to SHBG is non-functional.


Interestingly enough Stanozolol is the anabolic steroid known to suppress SHBG production in the body. It means that it may increase the availability of testosterone or other anabolic steroids with high affinity to SHBG. This property of Stanozolol makes it a good steroid for stacking.


Stanozolol has an androgenic and anabolic strength rating of 30 and 320. For comparison, testosterone has a score of 100 (for both androgenic and anabolic effect). It means that its anabolic effect is much more pronounced than androgenic effect thus making it a safer anabolic steroid.


Stanozolol does not go through aromatization, which means that it is not converted to estrogens. This means low water retention and no-side effects that are caused due to aromatization like gynecomastia.


So how do you take Stanozolol?

When taking orally, daily dose is 40-80 mg, depending on the tolerability. Whereas for injectable form dose is 50-100 mg a day. One can take it either as a standalone steroid when cutting or preparing for competition. Females can also use it for bulking. It is also a good choice for stacking.