Steroid effects and side effects

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Steroids and bodybuilding (effects and side effects)

When we are talking about steroids and bodybuilding, we mean to say the use of anabolic steroids. It means either using testosterone injections or taking anabolic steroids pills for bulking, increasing muscle mass, improving strength.

To excel at bodybuilding, you need to gain a lot and gain faster. We are living in the highly competitive times. Steroids really work, they are the most power compounds known for increasing muscle mass and power. It is because of steroids that men in many sports, including bodybuilding, are getting bigger.

Many professional bodybuilders have openly confessed using steroids. The list includes a star and celebrity like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Many professional coaches are of the view that without steroids it is not possible to be a star bodybuilder. Reason? Humans are not made to be that big by nature. Few men can be an exception to the rule.


Effects of steroids

They produce the results similar to those during puberty in males (androgenic property). Though in adult men they do not increase penis size, in females, they may increase the size of the clitoris. On prolonged use, they cause changes in voice, body hair growth, facial hair growth, increased aggressiveness.

They also exert powerful anabolic effects. Thus they boost muscle growth, strengthen bones, increase the number of red blood cells, and have a positive impact on neural conduction.

Synthetic steroids are produced to enhance anabolic properties while reducing androgenic action. They activate specific genes in muscles so that they produce more proteins. They also send signals to the body to cut break-down of proteins for energy production.

When they are used along with resistance training, they help increase muscle mass, strength, and improve performance. Bodybuilders can lift heavier weights; it means, even more, gain with exercise.

How well steroids would help gain muscles depends on the availability of so-called unbound testosterone receptors. Exercise helps to increase the number of receptor sites. It explains why steroids work much better when used along with physical training. When used alone, the benefit is quite limited.

Anabolic steroids help train harder recover faster. Thus they may even benefit those who do not readily gain muscular mass.

Anabolic steroids also block the action of a stress hormone called cortisol. Thus they help prevent degradation of muscles.

Although anabolic steroids undoubtedly help to increase muscle mass and strength, their role in increasing endurance is controversial.

Finally, the psychological effects of steroids must not be undermined. They make individuals aggressive; this may help train better.


Side effects of steroids

Steroids are wonder drugs. They are also like a double-edged sword. Misuse them, and you may get into trouble. It is essential to know all the possible side effects so that you can identify them promptly. Side effects do not occur in all. It is not possible to predict; what adverse effects would happen in a person.

Some of the common health hazards are:

  • Cardiovascular- they increase blood pressure, the risk of heart diseases, artery damage, and blood clot formation.
  • Liver and kidney- increased the risk of damage due to overloading. Risk of developing certain types of tumors.
  • Skin- some may develop severe acne. Oily skin is a common issue.
  • Psychiatric- they make you aggressive. Increased risk of certain mental diseases.
  • Hormonal side effects for men- like reduced sperm count, enlarged breast, male pattern baldness, shrinking of testicles.
  • Hormonal side effects for women- changes in voice, reduced breast size, excessive body hair growth, baldness.

In short, steroids are versatile for bodybuilders. However, they must be used with caution. It is essential to know all ins and outs of using steroids safely before making a decision.

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