Roid Rage

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Do Steroids cause Roid Rage?

It is a well-known fact that males are more aggressive when compared to women. Men are more probable to get engaged in aggressive acts. During the young age, there is not much difference between the boys and girls, but things start changing with puberty.


So, what occurs at puberty? At pubertal age, testosterone levels start to increase in boys, and they start becoming more aggressive, start gaining muscle mass, their voice changes, and sex organs start developing faster.


It is true that sex hormones have an effect on the working of the brain, and testosterone increases levels of aggression. Boys or men with higher levels of testosterone are more probable to be aggressive, impulsive, and readily get irritated.


What is roid rage?

It was a term that was coined somewhere in 1980, to describe the higher levels of rage in those using steROIDs. In the 1970s, the use of anabolic steroids became widespread. And many people started to note that people on steroids were more probable to lose temper, become uncontrollable, and even engage in unsocial behavior. They just find it difficult to control their impulse.


Roid rage is a phenomenon well studied by science. It is something that exists beyond doubt. However, not everyone will be equally affected by steroids in this manner, and not all individuals using steroids will become over aggressive.


There are many factors that play a role in the severity of changes in the brain caused by steroids, leading to a higher risk of developing roid risk. Lots depend on the age at which someone starts taking steroids. Younger brains are affected more by various substances. It means that those who start taking steroids in teenage are more probable to develop the condition, in comparison to men who start using steroids in the late 20s.


Duration is another vital component. The brain is quite a resistant organ; it does not change quickly. However, prolonged steroid abuse may cause irreversible changes in the brain.


Genetics is perhaps the most critical factor in the development of psychological changes due to steroids use. Some people are genetically more sensitive to the psychological effects of steroids. Similarly, things may readily get worse in individuals who are inherently more aggressive.


Roid rage occurs not only due to changes in the brain. Steroids may cause health problems, sexual issues, reduce fertility, all this may also contribute to the psychological changes.


Another phenomenon that could explain roid rage is that people using steroids are also more probable to use street drugs. Studies show that long term steroid use is associated with an altered reward pathway, higher risk of substance addiction.



Finally, it is essential to know that something opposite of roid rage also exists. Roid rage is all about impulsive, aggressive behavior, and high energy levels. However, many people feel the opposite of this when they discontinue steroid use. Some people may feel low in energy and profoundly depressed.

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