Cannabis and steroids

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Marijuana and steroids

can I use marijuana when I am on steroids?


Although "Ganja" and anabolic steroids belong to the entirely different class of drugs, nonetheless potential of severe interactions between them is high. Moreover, in the majority of cases, such interactions would be unpredictable.


It is entirely possible that a person who regularly uses steroids may also take marijuana sometime in life — especially considering the fact that recreational use of marijuana is now legalized in many parts of the world. Moreover, numerous websites are telling about the health benefits of marijuana.


Marijuana is primarily used for psychological reasons to achieve relaxation, decreased inhibition, euphoria, sensual distortion. It is addictive and prolonged use often lead to changes in the brain like increased anxiety, depression, and reduced cognitive functions.


Anabolic steroids are primarily taken for increasing physical strength and muscle mass. However, it should not be forgotten that steroids are sex hormone and they also affect the brain. On prolonged use, they also lead to psychological changes. It means that they may alter the effects of psychostimulants or inhibitors and marijuana is no exception.


One of the reasons why using psychostimulants, psycho-inhibitors like cannabis when using anabolic steroids is dangerous is that steroids tend to reduce the effect of these drugs. Steroids reduce the impact of amphetamines, ecstasy, cocaine, cannabis (marijuana). This means that a person may start taking higher dosages of these drugs thus increasing the chances of adverse effects. Steroids even do no mix well with alcohol as they increase the risk of aggressive behavior.


There have been a number of studies regarding how steroids and cannabis interact with each other, and below are conclusions from some of the researches:


  • THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in marijuana is known to accumulate in testes and change its working.
  • Consumption of marijuana significantly reduces testosterone levels, mainly when it is consumed frequently.
  • THC in cannabis is known to inhibit luteinizing hormone (LH) in both males and females, thus negatively affecting the natural production of sex hormones.
  • Steroids may act on cannabinoid receptors thus changing their effect, and the female brain is thought to be more susceptible to such an impact.
  • Marijuana and steroids may act on various brain centers and possibly changing various behaviors.
  • Marijuana has an inhibitory effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis.
  • Steroids usually worsen withdrawal syndrome caused by THC/Marijuana.
  • Steroids are known to improve appetite, however taking marijuana may suppress such an effect.
  • Testosterone and some other steroids may alter the metabolism of THC and perhaps other compounds found in marijuana.
  • Over the long-time steroids like nandrolone may reduce sensitivity to THC or marijuana.
  • Combining marijuana with steroids increases the risk of sudden cardiovascular complications even in the young population.



using marijuana once a while when taking steroids may not cause any adverse effects. However, frequent use of marijuana must be avoided. Habitual use of cannabis along with steroids will lead to unforeseeable complications. Marijuana generally reduces the effectiveness of anabolic steroids and steroids reduce the psychological effects of marijuana. Thus they do not mix well with each other.



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