Steroids for women

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Steroids for women

Do not be amazed by the title; anabolic steroids are different from male sex hormones. Thus they can also be used by women. Though technique, dosages, and choice of steroid for females would differ.


Many individuals wrongly think that testosterone is only in men and estrogen is purely a female hormone. The truth is that women also produce testosterone, but they produce it ten times less. Adrenal glands mainly produce testosterone in women; fat tissues also make a small amount.


As women have the only a small amount of testosterone, it also means that they are more sensitive to steroids. Though synthetic steroids have less of androgenic effect, it is still there. Thus before we tell about some of the steroids good for women, let us see at risks and benefits.


Benefits and risks of steroids in women

Quite like men, women would also use them to gain muscle mass and strength. After all, they also participate in sports that ask for muscle power. However, unlike men, women may also use them in small doses for shaping. Steroids help grow muscles, and at the same time, they help burn fat faster. It means that steroids are equally suitable for female bodybuilders and bikini competitors.


Now, coming to safety concern. Yes, steroids, if used carelessly, may cause damage. They have virilization effect. That is, they promote the growth of masculine features. It is the reason why women competing in some sports look harsh.


Anabolic steroids may also change sexual features, fertility. In most cases, women would not like to compromise on femininity. Thus the choice of use of steroids in women is more complicated. Here are some of the steroids that have less androgenic effects, and are often called female steroids.



Mildest of all the steroids, not commonly used by men. It does not work much in men. As women are more sensitive to steroids, it works well in them, without causing virility. So if you want to preserve femininity and yet gain muscle mass, it is for you.


Another thing that appeals to many users is that Anavar is an oral drug. It means no need to take painful injections. When compared to testosterone, the androgenic effect of Anavar is at least four times smaller.



Another female safe steroid. It is considered to be suitable for shaping. It is among the best for burning fats. The reason why it is safe is that it is not a steroid. It is still good at stimulating specific receptors. It means zero androgenic effect. And still, it is regarded as one of the best products for burning extra fats. On the downside, Clenbuterol may cause other side effects not characteristic of steroids like hypertension, cramps, and so on.



It is the best steroid for those looking to gain muscle mass. It is a steroid of choice for female bodybuilders. It has a very low androgenic effect. It is good at burning fats. Quite like other female steroids, Primobolan is also taken orally.



Also known as stanozolol, is used by both men and women. It is regarded as a good steroid when preparing for competition. It is suitable for cutting, reducing fat, maintaining muscle mass and strength. Women should be more careful about dosage and cycles when on steroids. Using steroids along with post cycle therapy may help keep unwanted effects to a minimum.

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