One Year Cycle

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12 months steroid cycle

On Test-C cycle the whole year



Testosterone cypionate is a testosterone ester, thus quite safe for prolonged use. It ultimately forms the depot in muscles tissues, from where it slowly releases testosterone, which is similar in structure to the naturally occurring testosterone in the human body.


Test-c is among the approved medications for treating impotence, infertility, low libido, and low bone mass. Doctors would generally prescribe 250 mg every two to four weeks.


However, things differ a bit for sportspeople or those looking to build muscle mass. They are not using it just to achieve a normal testosterone level. Instead, they aim to achieve much higher testosterone levels than ordinarily present in the human body. Thus, using 250mg/ week is the right dose, though some more experienced athletes may even go for higher dosages.


However, it is common to take testosterone in cycles, like taking it for three months and then three months of break. During this break, one may use post-cycle therapy (PCT) to normalize the internal production of testosterone and counter side effects.


But, what if one decides to use test-c continually for a whole year, without a break?


It is something not studied by science. Nevertheless, it is not rare to take testosterone continually. Even doctors prescribe it continuously for a long when treating hypogonadism.


Pros of taking test-c for the whole year

First, let's look at the benefits of continually using test-c for the year. For such a purpose, test-c is among the better choice due to its excellent safety profile. Moreover, 250 mg/week is a moderate dose, and thus it will provide excellent results in the long run but not cause many side effects.


Needless to say, the primary benefit of such a strategy is no changes in the blood testosterone levels and thus excellent results throughout the year. No cycles mean no mood swings, no worry about PCT after each short three months cycle, and so on. Instead, it may mean a high energy level throughout the year and excellent post-training recovery all the time.


It may be a good choice for those who want to get good results in a very short time. Lack of swings in testosterone levels is less likely to cause some side effects like lack of energy and increased fatigue when not on cycle. It would also prevent muscle loss that occurs in many cases when taking Testosterone cypionate in cycles.


Though it has many benefits and is a robust strategy nevertheless, it is not a risk-free strategy.


Cons of taking test-c continually for the whole year

250 mg/ week of Testosterone cypionate is a moderately high dose. Studies show that its use in cycles has a moderate effect on testosterone production by testicles or its impact on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. It may also moderately suppress the secretion of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).


However, its continuous use for a year may significantly suppress LH and FSH, resulting in an increased risk of hypogonadism, reduced production of testosterone my testicles, and low fertility.

Additionally, continuous use is more likely to have an impact on lipid profile.


Thus, one may need prolonged PCT on its discontinuation, like for a few months. Apart from drugs like Clomid, one may need a course of HCG to boost LH and FSH levels. One may even need to use FSH in some cases to increase sperm production and bring it back to normal levels.


So, yes, this strategy is good, but it comes with its pros and cons, something worth knowing beforehand.



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