Amazing AAS facts

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Amazing info about steroids

Amazing facts about steroids

So, you are looking to start using steroids to boost physical performance, endurance, muscle strength, and muscle mass? Want to know more about steroids? Then this article will share some of the interesting facts about them that everyone must know.

  • Steroids often interpreted as anabolic steroids is not true. It is true that sex hormones like testosterone are steroids, and all synthetic testosterone analogs are steroids. But, not all steroids are anabolic. For example, even female hormone estrogen is a steroid, and cholesterol is also a steroid. In addition, many lifesaving drugs like dexamethasone are also steroids. Thus, testosterone and its analogs should be better called anabolic steroids to differentiate them from other steroids.
  • Ancient Greeks and Roman Gladiators also used anabolic steroids without knowing it. For example, they consumed large amounts of sheep's testicles to boost their testosterone levels.
  • Testosterone, the main anabolic steroid, and a male hormone was first isolated in 1935 by Ernest Lacquer, and this is generally accepted as the beginning of the era. Soon testosterone was synthesized.
  • The use of steroids became widespread in sports in the 1950s and onward. This also led to increased production of various synthetic steroids with an anabolic effect and significantly lower androgenic effects (the so-called designer steroids).
  • It isn't easy to believe, but steroids were largely legal to use in most 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. However, they became banned from big sports most in the early 1990s. It means that when Arnie became the youngest Mr. Universe in 1967, their use of legal. That is why he never concealed the fact that he and his friends were all using steroids.
  • Anabolic steroids are the most effective way to increase sports performance and increase muscle mass. They can increase the effectiveness of physical training by multiple times. In most cases, one can get similar kinds of results in one-third the time than without steroids.
  • Steroids are pretty safe, even at massive doses. That is why professional athletes would use 10 to even 100 times higher dosages than recommended. Since they are testosterone analogs, they do not cause side effects in the short run. Thus, the secret of avoiding the side effects is not just becoming dependent on them.
  • Steroids can affect brain functioning, thus increasing aggression. However, this effect would not be in all cases. Some men are just more sensitive to such effects of steroids. Something that must be understood when using steroids for long.
  • Steroids can reduce the body's testosterone production, though this problem can be corrected by taking a break from steroids, which is using steroids in cycles. Additionally, using post-cycle therapy (PCT) is the way of reducing their side effects.
  • Continuous use of steroids can cause the shrinking of testicles. It is because the body stops producing testosterone due to negative feedback. Body sensors can sense that there is already high testosterone in the body.
  • Anabolic steroids can promote fat burning as they boost metabolism. Additionally, those using steroids can train longer hours without getting tired.
  • Steroids are also widely used in veterinary medicine to treat diseases of companion animals and livestock, increase their body mass, milk production, and other reasons- so, yes, animals also use anabolic steroids.
  • Almost all vertebrates produce testosterone as a male sex hormone. However, some species produce testosterone-like substances or steroids for maintaining their growth and sexual function.

There is undoubtedly, much more interesting about steroids. It is a vast group of related compounds. But, interestingly enough, it seems that despite all the fears, anabolic steroids are the safest of the steroids.