Steroids and alcohol

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Steroids and alcohol

We all know that whether medical or street drugs, none mixes well with alcohol. On the other hand, if consumed in moderation alcohol does not harm health. Alcohol is often served in social events. Thus those on steroids need to know, how safe is alcohol when taken with steroids.


Alcohol and steroids do not directly interact with each other. It means that no known interaction between them may pose an acute risk to health. That said, drinking too much alcohol with steroids is still dangerous. Steroids and alcohol both in excess are harmful to some organs. When taken together, the risk of organ damage increases.


Just take an example of the liver. Both steroids at high dosages and alcohol are dangerous for it. So if you continually take alcohol along with steroids, you are increasing the risk of liver damage. But this does not mean that drinking casually would harm. One of the systemic reviews of clinical studies shows that taking them together is quite safe.


So advise is simple, do not abuse alcohol when on steroids. But taking it in moderation or casually is absolutely safe. Further, individual sensitivities should also be considered. Some people are genetically more prone to certain conditions like diseases of kidney, hypertension, heart attack.


The combined use of alcohol and steroids may increase the risk of these conditions:

  • Liver disease- concomitant use increases the risk of fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer, fibrosis, and tumor.
  • Heart- higher risk of blood pressure, cardiac myopathy, irregular heartbeat, or even heart attack.
  • Other health risks include a higher rate of stroke, pancreatitis, tendon rupture, fluid retention, higher risk of colon cancer in men.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous, as apart from the diseases, its use along with steroids heightens the risk of psychological problems.


Steroids can increase aggressiveness. It means that the person using steroids is more likely to get involved in violence. Steroids also increase impulsiveness. Those on steroids find it difficult to control themselves in certain conditions. Steroids may even cause depression in some.


Alcohol has a strong behavior-altering effect. Thus for many on steroids, alcohol may produce unpredictable behavior. It is not rare for people to drive rashly, get involved in fights, crime, under the influence of alcohol. When used with steroids, the risk of irrational behavior increases.


Further, it is good to know that people who consume alcohol have less muscle mass than non-alcoholics. It is due to many reasons. Alcohol is not good for those looking to gain muscles; it has anti-anabolic properties. If you consume alcohol with steroids, the whole purpose of using steroids may be lost.



Although steroids do not produce any high, their long-term use is addictive. Similarly, if alcohol is consumed frequently, and in high doses, it is addictive too. In most cases, the user would never know when he or she got addicted to these substances. Alcohol would increase the risk of steroid addiction and wrong use.

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