D-bol Water retention

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Water retention while using Methandienone tablets


Methandienone is available under brand names like Averbol, Dianabol, D-bol or Danabol, and many more. It is an anabolic steroid. Like other anabolic steroids, it is primarily used for mass gain. Good anabolic steroid is one that provides this mass gains mostly due to an increase in muscle mass.


Regretfully, anabolic steroids cause widespread changes in body composition, some good others less needed. Some of these changes are not required for good health. Most anabolic steroids, including methandienone, lead to electrolyte and water retention.


Why understanding the water retention properties of methandienone is essential?


Looking from the point of view of athletes, it is crucial to understand such a property. When one starts using this steroid, one may see faster gain in body mass during the first few weeks. However, it is necessary to understand that much of the mass gain could be due to water retention.


Further, it is necessary to know that water retention is reversible. It means that as soon as person goes off methandienone, one may see some fall in body mass as the body gets rid of that extra fluid.


This is also necessary to know for people participating in competitive sports where the bodyweight has particular significance. So, to plan or control the body weight according to his or her category.


Is fluid retention good or bad?

Fluid retention may not be necessarily that bad, as it results in blood volume expansion. This may result in improved metabolism and thus better results.


However, fluid retention may also lead to increased systolic blood pressure. This may not be good for health. Steroids also negatively affect renal and cardiac health, and fluid retention may make things worse.


How much fluid retention occurs?

That is a logical next question. However, there is no straightforward answer to the question. There is substantial individual sensitivity. It may also depend on the level of experience with steroids, body weight, and so on.


Though difficult to predict, most individuals may expect a kg or two of weight gain on prolonged use of methandienone. Some heavy-weight individuals may gain much much more.


Minimizing fluid retention when on steroids

Drink plenty of water, it may sound contra-productive, but sufficient fluid intake would rather help better control fluid retention. Moreover, water helps boost metabolism, help with muscle recovery, and much more.


The most crucial step to take is to cut down salt (sodium) consumption. It can make a big difference.


Exercise regularly. Do not use steroids/methandienone if you are not training intensively as it may cause more harm than good. Exercise helps prevent over retention of water.


Finally, if you feel that your body retains too much water, consider using some kind of detox plan. Intermittent fasting could be one option – though not the best if you are in the bulking phase.


Taking natural diuretics from time to time (but not regularly) may also help reduce water retention.


If you are preparing for competition and worried about fluid retention, using diuretics like furosemide (Lasix) could be an option, as it will also help mask the use of steroids to a degree. But never use such kinds of medications without consulting a doctor as they may lead to a sharp fall in blood pressure or may have other severe side effects.

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