Gynecomastia and Surgical Correction

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Gynecomastia and Surgical Correction


Nothing compares to anabolic steroids in improving physical performance. They increase muscle mass, strength, endurance in quite a short time. Since they are analogs of naturally occurring testosterone, they are amazingly safe if used wisely.


When people start taking steroids, testosterone is often the steroid of choice due to its better safety profile, in comparison to the designer anabolic steroids. However, testosterone has one big negative; it may also increase estrogen levels in men. Estrogen is a female hormone that is present in small quantities in men. It is thought that fat tissues, liver, kidneys, muscles, and other body tissues may convert about 0.3% of testosterone to estrogen in men.


Although only a small among of testosterone is converted to estrogens (female hormone) in men, in those on testosterone injections, levels of estrogen may rise much above the reasonable limits. A lot depends on the individual sensitivities and genetic make. Nonetheless, this high among of estrogen is not required. Male body converts testosterone to estrogens through a process called aromatization.


To counter the side effects of high estrogens, those taking steroids would frequently use drugs that may block the effect of estrogens like Nolvadex, or medicines that help prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogens via aromatization like Arimidex.


One can also overcome the risk of high estrogens by using steroids that do not get aromatized like


However, many athletes combine these anabolic with testosterone or other powerful steroids that are known be aromatized.


What are the ill-effects of high estrogens?

High estrogen levels may have many ill effects on male health like low libido, benign prostatic hyperplasia, feeling tired, and so on. However, a most disliked adverse effect is breast enlargements. This unwanted enlargement of breast in men is called gynecomastia.


Managing gynecomastia

If you are taking steroids and you think that you have a little bit enlarged breast, you do not need to panic. In most cases, it would disappear with time. Most men can overcome the side effect of steroid use during cutting and PCT (post cycle therapy).


However, if the breast is enlarged too much and looks too bad, one may need surgical correction. Such kind of enlargement is rare and only happens if one neglects the condition over the years. Genetics in such cases plays an important role, as in some individuals, more significant amount of testosterone may be converted to estrogens. Most of those taking steroids do not need to worry, as such kind of sensitivity to steroids is rare.


Enlarged breast is corrected surgically, and there are two methods. If the breast is only mildly enlarged a cosmetic surgeon may fix it with the help of liposuction. During liposuction surgeon removes extra fat tissues along with additional gland tissues. Generally, the procedure is done under local anesthesia and is day surgery.


Nonetheless, if the breast is too big and if there is a need for correcting sagging skin, the surgeon would prefer tissue excision. It means removing the fat and gland tissues with the help of an incision. During such a procedure surgeon may remove extra skin too.

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