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What to Do When an Illness Interrupts a Steroid Cycle


Steroids start working within a week, however, in most cases sports people will take them for months or even years to achieve their objectives. Therefore, it is entirely reasonable that during such a prolonged period, a person may get ill due to different reasons like seasonal infection, or other diseases.


Fortunately, most illnesses are self-limiting these days, and there is no need to interrupt the steroid cycle during an illness. For example, if a person has the flu, steroids will only help recover faster, and they will not do any harm. However, in case of severe disease conditions, a person may be forced to discontinue steroid use.


Generally, there is no harm in discontinuing steroids abruptly. It will only result in a shorter steroid cycle. The decision to continue or terminate steroids will depend on the nature of the illness. If a person has some cardiac disease or psychological problems, then it would be better to take a break from steroids until a person fully recovers from the illness.


To be or not to be?

In many cases, if people fell ill, they may hurry to discontinue steroids. However, in most cases, it is better to stick to your regime as most of the illnesses do not continue for more than a week. Moreover, steroids only improve the anabolic processes and, in most cases, they will just help recover faster. Short term fever or trauma are not reasons to discontinue steroid cycle.


However, things may differ if you have been diagnosed with something serious and you expect that treatment will take some weeks. In such cases, you may need to give your body a rest.


In case or serious illness end cycle early, and start another cycle as soon as you have recovered completely.

If you have to disrupt your cycle in between, do not panic, as there is no known side effect of discontinuing steroid cycle in between. Just wait for complete recovery and start your next cycle.


In case of severe illness, you may need to check your levels of testosterone. As low testosterone due to steroid use may put you at risk and may slow down your recovery. Sometimes it may be wise to share information regarding steroid use with a doctor as you may need therapy to recover your testosterone levels. In most cases, PCT using Clomid or Nolvadex will be enough. However, more severe testosterone suppression may require HCG (a kind of hormone that can stimulate testosterone production from testicles).


In most cases, starting the steroid cycle as soon as possible is recommended. After all, you do not want to lose your hard-gained muscles due to illness and steroid will surely help you to maintain. So, starting steroid cycle early makes sense even if you are still not ready to begin training.


To conclude, in most cases, you can continue steroids use. In case of severe illness, there is no need to panic, wait for recovery and start your cycle as soon as possible.

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