How to start with steroids

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This article is a simple and straightforward introduction to getting started with steroids. Answering all the vital questions and introducing beginners to essential terminology in the shortest possible way. It’s a quick guide to start with:


Do steroids truly work? And what to expect?

For beginners, it is essential to have the right expectations. Steroids work, and they can increase gains (bulk, strength, endurance) by multiple times in a given time. So, if a person gained 2 kg of pure muscle mass without steroids in a year, steroids may help gain 5-6 kg, or even more.


It is necessary to understand that they are not wonder-drugs and only work when combined with an intensive workout. Additionally, one needs to increase calorie, proteins, and micronutrient intake to keep up with the increased demand- using health supplements with steroids is a great idea.


How safe are the steroids?

This is the most critical question. Useful but unsafe substances cannot be used. Steroids are very safe if used in a well-planned manner and with a piece of knowledge. This is because they are very close in structure to the male hormone testosterone. And, as one can guess, that only extremely high levels of testosterone can be harmful. Therefore, important is to use then in the right doses, take periods of rest (off-cycle), and follow the PCT (post cycle therapy).


Few things to understand before starting

Generally, it is a good idea to start with steroids that are safer for beginners, and information about such steroids there later in this article. When someone uses steroids for performance-enhancing or bodybuilding, doses are higher than medical treatments. Thus, steroids are taken in cycles.


If it is possible, it is a good idea to have a general medical test up before starting steroids, and also have a hormone panel. Notably, it is good to know the initial levels of the sex hormones testosterone and other related hormones. As frequent testing for these hormones may help to monitor the side effects. This is not necessary, but something useful to do.


Understanding steroids cycles

Steroids are, almost always, taken in cycles. This means that there is a period of use (on-cycle), followed by a period of rest (off-cycle). Cycles could be 1:1 or 1:2, and so on. Here 1:2 means that if a person is using steroids for two months, then he or she should take a break for four months. 1:2 is the best strategy for beginners.

The rest period is essential so that the internal production of sex hormones has time to recover. Taking steroids elevates levels of the testosterone-like substances in the body, and in the reply, the body considerably reduces testosterone production.


PCT (Post cycle therapy)

Any treatment that helps with faster recovery of the body from anabolic steroids use is called PCT. The two most commonly used medications to normalize the production of testosterone by testicles in men are Clomid and Nolvadex. Their short courses help the body recover better. Therefore, before starting, it is better to learn about them.



This is not for beginners, but one must know about it. Once the person has gained experience with anabolic steroids, gained a lot of mass, one may need to combine multiple steroids for better results, and this is called stacking. Staking improves the outcomes but prevents side effects. It is the same reason why doctors use multiple medications to treat some conditions.

before steroid use and after

Steroids for beginners

Experience shows that some steroids are safer for beginners than others.

  • Testosterone Enanthate

It is one of the oldest steroids and the first one to be banned in professional sports. But, due to many reasons, it is the safest one too. Since it is an ester of testosterone, once injected, it slowly releases testosterone. Since testosterone is a natural thing for the body, chances of any side effects are rare. For beginners, it is a good idea to get started with 300-500 mg a week. The choice of the dose will depend on the body weight; lower initial weight means a lower need for the hormone.

Injections are good in a way that there is no need for a daily dose. These steroids create a depot at the site of injection, from where the hormone is slowly released. It is crucial to know that all steroids are oily, and should never be injected in veins, they are strictly for deep intramuscular injection.

For starters, the 6-week cycle is good enough. After that, take a 2-3 months break.


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  • Dianabol

Some starters do not want injectables and are more comfortable with pills. In that case, Dianabol (D-bol, Danabol) could be a choice. Start it with 15-30 mg a day, and do not use beyond six weeks.

Another injectable steroid. It is more potent than testosterone. It is a synthetic analog with stronger anabolic action than androgenic action. It means that it produces excellent results with a lower impact on other functions like on the skin, hair, and so on. One can start with 100 mg twice weekly, with a total dose of 200 mg.

One of the safer and yet most potent oral steroids. Start it with 50 mg taken on alternate days. The maximum dose is 200 mg a day. One can slowly increase the dose to stay safe.


This article does not discuss the side effects of steroids. But beginners should know about them. As knowing them will also help avoid them. So, play hard and play safe.

Just remember that most steroids will produce maximum results from the second week onwards, due to accumulation effect.