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HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

Complete guide for bodybuilders


HGH is an abbreviation for “Human Growth Hormone.” So as the name of the hormone says, it makes our body grow in every aspect. It is a universal growth booster. Since long, researchers thought that there must be some specific hormone that helps us grow from 20 inches at birth to 70-inch-tall adult. And now it is well-known that HGH is the hormone responsible for such growth.


Thus HGH can help the body grow; muscles become larger and stronger. It helps bones and internal organs grow too. When HGH was first discovered, researchers thought that it could probably stop aging. However, they were wrong. It seems that aging occurs due to a combination of thousands of factors and not due to a decline of some single hormone.


So what is HGH exactly?

First and foremost, it is necessary to know that it is not a steroid, and is not in any way related to testosterone. It is a peptide (chain of amino acids) that is produced by a pea-sized gland in the brain called pituitary gland.


Researchers knew about the existence of a so-called master hormone in the body in the 19th century, a hormone that is essential for all the growth processes. However, they were only able to isolate this hormone in the mid-20th century.


Initially, HGH was extracted from animals, but now its chemical structure is known and is produced by using genetically modified micro-organism. It means that modern HGH is pure and safe, does not cause allergic reactions, and is manufactured at industrial scale.


When children are low in HGH, they fail to grow, leading to the dwarfism. As we grow, levels of HGH keep falling on a yearly basis. Low levels of HGH means a drop in physical fitness, slowing down of healing processes, chronic fatigue, weakened bones. HGH also affects our mood and sleep pattern.


It means that unlike testosterone or anabolic steroids, HGH has a much broader role in our wellbeing. Moreover, it is not a gender specific hormone, meaning that it is equally crucial for both the genders.


The effects of HGH on collagen production can contribute to improved physical performance, and slowdown in aging processes. To learn more about HGH and Collagen. Check THIS ARTICLE.


HGH for bodybuilding

One of the biggest reasons why HGH is attractive for bodybuilders is its completely different mode of action when compared to steroids. It means that when combined with steroids, both will increase the anabolic effect of each other, without adding to the number of side effects. Simply speaking, by combining HGH with steroids, the result may double or even triple, but the risk of side effects does not increase.


HGH differs from steroids in many ways. It may not replace the steroids, and will instead work better when used in combination with steroids.


Steroids are more potent than HGH for building muscles. HGH, on the other hand, is a universal growth stimulator. In muscles, they bind with different kind of receptors. Thus they help each other to strengthen muscles.


HGH is better than steroids at burning fats. It means that it can be really good for cutting. During cutting it will help maintain muscles mass, but at the same time reducing the fat content of the body.


Bodybuilders also love HGH due to its mildness. It means that if used within recommended dosage it rarely causes any side effects. It may cause water retention and carpal tunnel syndrome. But it does not cause adverse effects like hair loss, reduction in the production of natural testosterone, acne, fall in libido, and so on.


One drawback of HGH for bodybuilders is the cost of HGH. It is generally costlier than steroids.


Can a person have a deficiency of HGH?

Deficiency of HGH in healthy adults is rare, however, what is worrisome is a constant decline in its levels with age. That is why building muscles become so challenging after a certain age. HGH starts declining after the teenage, and by 40ies its levels are much lower. It is thought that by the time you reach 60, your body is secreting just one-third of HGH.


How to use HGH?

HGH is used in children to treat stunted growth, and in adults with confirmed deficiency of the hormone. When it is used to treat hormone deficiency, then the daily dose is 1 to 3 IU each day. HGH is only available in injectable form, and there are no pills of HGH. It is also vital to understand that natural supplements are not proven to boost HGH production. Adequate sleep is the only proven way to optimize production of natural HGH.


In bodybuilding, HGH will be taken at much higher doses, in compared to treating hormone deficiency. Further, the dose will also depend on the age, experience with steroids, and purpose of its use.


Conservative approach to HGH is taking 2-4 IU a day. However, most people would benefit from higher doses like 5-7 IU each day. Since HGH is a short-acting hormone, it can be taken twice daily, once in the morning and second dose after about 8 hours.


So during the bulking one may take a weekly dose of testosterone, plus another steroid like Deca (if stacking), and to this add a daily dose of 5-7 IUs of HGH.


While cutting strategy will differ a bit. Remember, that HGH is better for burning fats than steroids. It means increasing its dose while cutting will help. Thus during cutting combine HGH with steroids. Better use steroids effective at burning fat like daily Winstrol/Anavar (and maybe even weekly Trenbolone) plus 10-15 IUs of HGH.


HGH side effects

HGH is usually regarded milder than steroids, and even some bodybuilders view it as safer. However, at higher dosages, it may cause many side effects. One problem with HGH is that side effects are quite unpredictable and may vary among the individuals.


HGH side effects occur as it stimulates the growth of almost every organ and not just skeletal muscles. Perhaps the only organs that it does affect are the eyes and brain. Thus it may increase the growth of bones leading to diseases of joints; it may cause acromegaly (protruding eyelids and large jaw bone), it can affect the working of various organs like liver, kidney, pancreas, and so on. It is known to increase blood glucose levels and cause insulin resistance. Some individuals may develop flu-like symptoms and chronic headaches with HGH. Fortunately, most side effects are reversible.


In conclusion, HGH is completely different from anabolic steroids, and when combined with them it can have a substantial effect on skeletal muscles. It can help multiply the impact of anabolic steroids.


HGH and Women

As we already know, HGH is quite like steroids, it can also improve muscle mass and strength; it helps burn fats, strengthen bones, enhances the production of red blood cells, and also has a stimulatory effect on various internal organs. It has a much broader role in health and well being when compared with sex hormones. The decline in HGH is thought to play an essential role in aging. Thus, HGH is used not only to improve sports performance but also as a part of anti-aging therapy.


Here are some of the reasons why women may consider using HGH:

  • It increases exercise capacity thus will have a beneficial effect in just any kind of physical training.
  • Improves bone density, something that is important in some sports. It may also help prevent osteoporosis in women.
  • Help increase muscle mass in those involved in bodybuilding, and unlike steroids HGH will not cause virilization in women, will not have a negative impact on female fertility.
  • It will help burn fat faster, which is not easy for many female athletes as estrogen causes accumulation of fat in certain parts of the body.
  • Increase energy level and athletic ability.
  • Helps look younger, and may have a special role in the anti-aging program. Some specialists think that HGH may be more effective than steroids in older individuals.
  • It may boost production of other essential hormones, including sex hormones.

However, HGH is not entirely free from side effects, and it may have some unwanted effects on female health:

  • It is known to cause acromegaly, thus changing facial features, changing hands and feet. It may spoil the delicate looks and women may start looking harsher.
  • May lead to enlargement of internal organs like liver and heart.
  • May lead to changes in mood.
  • May increase levels of bad cholesterol.
  • May lead to joint pain.


HGH is a dual-edged sword and should be used with great precaution. If appropriately taken, and at the right dose, it may have a fantastic effect. It may make women look young, help burn fat, grow muscles, may enlarge breast, strengthen bones, and improve overall health.

However, if HGH is abused and taken without adequate knowledge, it may cause more harm than good. It can harm internal organs, and can even spoil the looks.


How to inject HGH (step by step guide)

It is always a good idea to self-inject hormones, as one needs to do that frequently. To begin with, always ensure that you have everything ready. It means always use disposable syringes, do not reuse the syringe. Do not ever use needle used by someone else. Ensure that you have alcohol pads, gloves, band-aids, and gauze.


Growth hormone may come in an ampule as a ready to inject solution. Or it may come in the form of lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder, that should be reconstituted with the help of sterile water, that is also supplied along with the hormone.


HGH can be either injected subcutaneously, that is into the fat tissues just below the skin, or intramuscularly.


Start with deciding the site of injection. If you want to inject subcutaneously, then it could be either outer side of the thigh or abdomen. If intramuscularly, then it could be in the lateral quadriceps muscle (outer side of the thigh) or outer upper quadrant of the hip (in glute muscle). Some people prefer subcutaneous route as smaller needles can be used, resulting in less painful prick.


Steps in administering HGH:

  1. Wash your hands. It is necessary to minimize the risk of injection. Many people neglect this step; however, when a person injects frequently, the risk is higher. Moreover, not just wash your hands, wash them for about 20 seconds.
  2. Ready your supplies. Alcohol pads, gauze needle, HGH vial or ampule.
  3. Inspect and clean the injection site. Decide the location of your injection. If you inject in thighs, do not forget to keep changing the location. If you inject subcutaneously in the abdomen, you can rotate the site of injection. Clean the site of injection with an alcohol swab and let the alcohol dry.
  4. Prepare HGH. Follow the procedure to draw the medication into the syringe. How you do that will depend on whether you have an ampule or the vial. In case of ampule it should be opened with a special cutter, and then draw HGH into the syringe.

In case of the vial with freeze-dried powder, you may need a needle with two syringes, one for the reconstitution of the solution and another for withdrawing the reconstituted solution.

In both cases, do not forget to remove the bubbles from the syringe.

  1. Inject the medication. In case of subcutaneous injection, you inject HGH just below the skin, for doing this you need to take a really big pinch of skin with thumb and index finger and pull the skin outwards. Then you can inject the needle into this elevated skin.

In the case of intramuscular injection, this is straightforward; you can inject into the muscles at 90 degrees, and then slowly push the plunger.

  1. Withdraw the needle. In the case of subcutaneous injection, just let the pinched skin go off. In the case of intramuscular injection, withdraw the needle, and then apply the gauze to the injection site with light pressure to stop the bleeding.

When everything is done, do not forget to dispose of syringe, swabs, gauze, and vial properly.



Can HGH be combined with steroids? Yes, surely. Combining it with steroids may help reduce the dose of each of these hormones thus decreasing the risk of side effects.


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