Why is everybody talking that steroids are dangerous?

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Why is everybody talking that steroids are dangerous?


Steroids can be good or bad for health, depending on how they are used. They are needed in medicine to treat hypogonadism, low testosterone levels, muscle wasting due to diseases and so on. However, in recent years, things have changed, and more and more people are using steroids for non-medical reasons.


Everybody seems to talk about steroids as millions are using them. Young men are using them to get bigger and faster. Women are using them to get slim, burn body fat faster – athletic shape, and toned bottoms are in vogue. Teenagers are taking to excel in sports more quickly, and older adults are taking them as a part of the anti-aging program.


Widespread use of steroids has become worrisome. Researchers think that people are sacrificing their long-term health in return for short-term and fast benefits that steroids bring. This is the reason why everyone is talking about the health risks steroids pose.


Good things about steroids

They really work, that is why millions are using them despite a ban on such a use. They help burn fat, look younger, gain muscular mass, strengthen bones, and have a positive effect on the mood (at least in the short run).


So whether you are a showman/woman, or budding athlete, middle-aged person, and looking to get your body ripped faster, craving to get those brutal looks, then steroids could be an answer to your needs.


Steroids provide edge above others in a very short time. They work for almost everyone and results become visible within a month. Within three months of use, one can see a considerable change in the body. Muscles grow in size and strength at a much faster pace. A person can train better, perform better. Almost every aspect of athletic performance is improved.


Moreover, there is a vast choice nowadays, with steroids for every kind of need. Some are better for bulking, others for improving strength, some useful for treating infertility. There are even steroids that are a better fit for women.


Bad or dangerous things about steroids

Before considering taking steroids, it is better to know everything about them. You may be tempted after seeing the results that steroids produce, however, you must make your choice based on the knowledge. Before starting steroids, anyone must weigh the risks and benefits.


It does not mean that they are very risky. It only says that certain health risks exist. Further, there are individual sensitivities. If a person knows about all the risks involved in taking steroids, there are chances that he or she will be able to manage them, take post cycle therapy (PCT) more seriously. Follow the recommended dosages, use steroids in cycles, and give body ample resting time.


A most common side effect of steroids is the reduction in the natural production of testosterone due to negative feedback. It means that testicles stop producing testosterone as the brain thinks that there is already enough of it in the blood.


When testicles do not produce testosterone for long, they start shrinking. High level of androgens also increases the risk of acne, baldness, body hair growth, elevated blood pressure, damage to blood vessels, and unnecessary aggression.


Steroids force the liver to work overtime to produce beneficial compounds for muscle growth. Kidneys also work more to detoxify the body. However, this overburden to these organs may also reduce their lifespan, thus increasing the risk of liver and kidney damage.



Steroids are safe enough, but never use them without knowing all the dangers. It will help you identify the side effects early. Thus helping you prevent any permanent damage to health. Further, by knowing the dangers, you will understand the importance of rest periods (steroid cycles) and post cycle therapy.



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