What is ANAVAR

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Oxandrolone (Anavar)


Oxandrolone is better known in the world of bodybuilding by its brand name Anavar. It is a steroid that differs from testosterone in many ways and thus has its own special place among anabolic steroids.


Many websites promote it as a steroid for females. However, this is only partially true. It is suitable for women as it has one of the lowest androgenic (masculinizing) effects of all the steroids. Many men wrongly think that since it is for women, it must be weak steroid – which is not true as it is still more potent than testosterone.


One of the good things about this steroid is that it is among the few anabolic steroids that are also legally available in the US for the treatment of specific disease conditions. It can help treat severe weakness muscle wasting, HIV related wasting, osteoporosis, and some other rare conditions. The availability of any steroid for medical purposes, means higher quality of ingredients, low levels of impurity, and thus better safety profile.


Potency of Oxandrolone


Some bodybuilders wrongly think that since Anavar is for women, it must not be strong enough. Medical research shows that it has anabolic potency 3-6 times higher than methyltestosterone. At the same time, it has one-fourth of androgenic effects. This means fewer side effects like acne, hoarseness of voice, growth of body hair, male pattern baldness, and so on.

It is well absorbed oral steroid that does not stay much in the intestine and does not cause any local irritation.


However, for moderate to advanced users, an oral form could be a limiting factor. Since taking such steroids at higher doses may be difficult. Nonetheless, it is suitable for stacking. Generally, it is loved by sports people as a steroid that boosts strength. It is regarded as moderately good for bulking. It is more preferred during cutting to prevent muscle and strength loss.


Female athletes use it for weight loss, along with muscle strengthening and building. Weight loss in women happens due to better burning of fat tissues, and increased ability to train intensively. Building muscles is essential for losing body fat faster, as larger muscles burn more calories – quite like an engine with higher horsepower burns more fuel.


box of anavar by the brand deus medical


Safety of Oxandrolone


There are numerous reasons why science calls it a safer steroid for both genders. Most importantly, it has an excellent anabolic to androgenic ration. Thus, it is less probable to cause numerous well-known androgenic side effects like voice hoarseness, acne, and so on, as already mentioned.


For many men, more worrisome is the aromatization of anabolic and resulting gynecomastia. Fortunately, oxandrolone uses an entirely different pathway and does not go through aromatization. This means that it seldom causes symptoms caused by the aromatization of testosterone and resultant higher levels of estrogen.


Oxandrolone is unique in a way that it is among the few steroids that are not toxic to the liver. This is because most of the steroids are metabolized in the liver, but not oxandrolone. It is mainly metabolized by kidneys and only to a small extent by the liver. About one-third of oxandrolone is eliminated by urine unchanged, and this also explains lower side effects – sine metabolic products of some steroids can be toxic.


To conclude, anavar is equally useful for men and women. It is one of the best steroids for women. For men, it is suitable for building strength, cutting. It is moderately good for the bulking phase.