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T3 (liothyronine sodium)


Success in sports, to a high degree, depends on how well-regulated is metabolism. Steroids help boost protein metabolism and anabolic processes. Thyroid hormones are like global speed controllers; they can accelerate or deaccelerate the speed of all the metabolic processes in the body.


Slow metabolisms due to deficiency of iodine and the resulting loss of production of thyroid hormones are quite common. Researchers estimate that as many as one billion people are not getting enough of iodine. And, about 2% of people are living with symptomatic hypothyroidism.


Both hyper- and hypothyroidism are not good for sportspeople. Slow metabolic processes mean fat and water accumulation, inability to gain muscles, fatigue, lack of energy, depression, difficulty in training. Hyperthyroidism is much rare; it, on the contrary, leads to weight loss, tremor, anxiety.


T3 (liothyronine sodium) is one of the hormonal drugs used to boost thyroid function. Most individuals will benefit from low doses of this medication since most are living with iodine deficiency. Moreover, most sports nutrition supplements do not add iodine.


T3 (liothyronine sodium) can be especially useful for cutting. Or for those failing to lose enough fat mass with exercise alone. This drug will boost metabolism. It is known to increase fat burning, reduce harmful cholesterol levels in the blood. However, it does not affect insulin sensitivity, heart function, and exercise tolerance.


It may also help in bodybuilding or other sports by increasing the energy levels, alleviating fatigue, improving mood. Adding it to a routine may help overcome peaks.


It is vital to understand that Liothyronine is a human-made hormone, and it does not treat iodine deficiency. It is used to treat conditions caused by low iodine intake.


Thus, bodybuilders or other sportspeople should always ensure adequate intake of micronutrients like iodine. In many cases, when athletes stop progressing despite proper diet, supplements, and training, the reason lies in the deficiency of lesser-known micronutrients – remember that chain is only as strong as its weakest part. 

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Side effects


So, yes, Liothyronine, it will accelerate your metabolism. However, speeding can also be harmful. Since this hormone stimulates all the metabolic processes, it is necessary to take it in the right dose, do not abuse it. Do not take it longer than needed.


Higher doses or abuse of this hormone may do more harm than good. Unlike steroids, it has a very narrow safety window. Thus, like steroids, one cannot take it at very high doses.


Overdosing by this hormone will result in symptoms very similar to hyperthyroidism, which is weight loss (over accelerated metabolism and thus higher energy expenditure), tremor, anxiety, mood issues. Abuse of this hormone may result in higher blood pressure, palpitation.


Fortunately, it is also a highly safe hormone. This means that most of its side effects would disappear on discontinuation.



It is a good idea to start it with the smallest dose, as a higher dose will not necessarily do any good. Thus, start with 25 mcg. The maximum allowed daily dose is 100 mcg. Do not take it for more than six weeks, and after that, take a break for at least two months to prevent side effects like suppression of internal production of thyroid hormones.


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