Peptides vs Anabolic Steroids

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Peptides vs Anabolic Steroids

What is the difference between peptides and steroids?


If brain is a command center of our body, then hormones are its messengers. Our body produce hormones in various endocrine glands and their function is to send messages to various body parts to work in one or another way. Thus, hormones can modulate almost all body function.


All hormones in our body belong to two chemical groups, peptides and steroids. Once released by an endocrine gland they are transported to various body parts through blood circulation. Steroid hormones are made of cholesterol (they get steroid ring from cholesterol), whereas, peptide hormones are chains of amino acids.


Peptides and steroids differ greatly in chemical structure. They also differ in a way they function. Thus, steroid hormones bind to the cell surface where they act on the cell receptors (kind of cellular switches), thus making various changes in the cells. However, peptide hormones enter the cells and bind directly to the cellular DNA, and thus they change the DNA behaviour or its transcription. Sexual hormones like testosterone and estrogen are examples of steroids, and calcitonin and human growth hormone (HGH) are examples of peptides.


All steroids are analogs or testosterone and thus they are similar to steroid hormones. There are more than thirty different steroids used to improve athletic performance. Among the peptide hormones HGH is more commonly used to better the performance. HCG hormone used in post cycle therapy (PCT) is also a peptide.


When it comes to bodybuilding steroids remain the mainstay. They are potent and safe, providing predictable results. Steroids help enhance muscle mass, strength, reduce body fat and post workout recovery time. Steroids also enhance energy level. They improve bone and joint health. Steroids increase sex drive, and enhance vascularity.


Peptides are also a big group of substances. It is not just about HGH, there are numerous peptides available that help increase levels of growth hormones. Although, they may not be legal in professional sports, but many peptides are legal for use by a general public.


These peptides help increase body mass, promote muscle and bone growth. Some of the peptides may also stimulate testosterone production. Peptides help recover faster, increase level of endurance, help burn fat, and much more.


In recent years number of available peptides have grown considerably. Although they are considered to be inferior to steroids for bulking and improving muscle strength, but they are widely used as many peptides are considered to be safer.


Another good thing about peptides is that they can be safely combined with steroids. Steroids and peptides are chemically not related, and have very different mechanism of action. However, when used together, they potentiate each other. Peptides, unlike steroids, also have anti-aging effect and thus are better suited for older athletes.


Peptides are sometimes regarded as last resort as they are much more expensive than steroids. Thus many think that they are not cost-effective.


Finally, one must remember that steroids and peptides with only work well when combined with right kind of workout, when you have adequate sleep, stress management strategy, nutrition, workout supplements.




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