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(when drinking injectable steroids, when injecting steroids into the veins, injecting it into fat and not muscle)


Almost all the anabolic steroids that we know are either in oral form that is a pill to be taken on a daily basis or in injectable form. Generally, injectable steroids are preferred over tablets, and most of them are taken intramuscularly once a week. It means no worries, no need for reminders. However, some individuals fear pricks and prefer to take tablets on a daily basis.


Anabolic steroids are not easy to obtain when used for improving sports performance. It means that one who prefers taking tablets may be left with injectable forms and so on. This raises lots of questions like what if I drink injectable steroids? What if I inject a steroid into fats, or veins, instead of muscles?


Most injectable steroids come in oily base and are esters of testosterone. Testosterone is esterified so that it can create a depot in the muscles when injected. Steroids are slowly released from the place of injection over time. Further, esterified testosterone is metabolized very slowly. All this means that unlike naturally occurring testosterone which works only for few hours, testosterone/steroids injections keep working for several weeks.


Can one drink injectable steroids?

Although injections are not meant to be drunk, but at least this route of intake is safe. There isn’t much possibility of side effect of taking steroids this way. However, most probably steroids taken this way won’t work. The chances are that they would be mostly destroyed by the digestive juices.


Even is some type of steroid is not destroyed by digestive juices, only a tiny amount will enter the body. It means that the action of steroids will be short-lived and weak.


Some of the steroids, when taken orally, may have an adverse effect on the liver. At best they may be metabolized by the liver, and in the worst case, they may harm the liver.


In short, drinking steroids will be safe in most cases, though steroids will not work when taken this way. Even if steroids work, their effect will be weak and short-lived.


What happens If a steroid is injected into the vein?

It is life-threatening. Yes, it is essential to make sure that steroids are never injected directly into the veins – it can kill you. Oily steroidal solutions can cause so-called embolism of blood vessels, that is a blockade since oily solutions do not dissolve in the blood. These oily solutions are specially made to be slowly absorbed into the bloodstream via muscles.


What if steroids are injected into the fat tissues?

It will be more or less safe, though it may cause some local inflammatory reaction. If injected into fat tissues, some steroids may work faster and another slower. In short, it will be difficult to predict the working of steroids.


What if steroids are injected subcutaneously (below the skin)?

In the short term, it will cause the formation of local mass, which will gradually disappear. Some bodybuilders who have used steroids this way claim that injecting them below the skin increases the speed at which steroids work, which may occur due to faster absorption.



It is always better to inject steroids intramuscularly. It is the only tested and safe route. If taken in any other way, the effect will be unpredictable, and may even increase chances of side effects.



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