Why I cant buy steroids with Credit Card

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Why I can not use my Credit Card to pay for steroids?

You are probably asking right now: "why the hell I can not use my VISA to buy steroids." The answer is usual extremely easy.

There is NO payment gateway which accept this kind of business.

The most people would say it is because the web-shop is a scam. There are indeed a lot of scammers, but accepting credit cards, if you want to buy Testosterone, deca or dbol is not possible. The store can be legit, but they need to accept different payment methods which do not require extreme verification process.

Verification process

Yes, to accept CreditCards, the payment gateway (usually a bank) need a lot of paperwork. And it needs to be a verified business. None, and I say it again, there is NO steroid business which is registered. All website which claiming to be real are trying to trick you. Steroids are black market only.

I saw a shop with CC payment option

Still... we found few webshops which used a high risk CC payment gateway from China. We deeply analyzed this system and found out that such company steals money from the customers and even from the web shop itself. Extremely high fees and worst exchange rates ever. Hands off it.
If you can, check the payment gateway which is accepting your CC info.

So how I can pay for steroids?

You will need to use payment methods which are unsecure. Which do not require a verification process and are not monitored. The most common payment methods are:
  1. Western Union
  2. MoneyGram
  3. Bank transfer
  4. Cash on delivery (only inside the Country)
  5. Zelle
  6. 3rd party bank transfers (transferwise, xe, and more)
  7. Cash in envelope sent per post

Why there is no Paypal?

Paypal sometimes work if the webshop can trick them. Paypal (and Venmo) have a strict verification system. They even try to find out more when you are receiving too much money. If they found out that the account received money for steroids, they shut it down immediately.


You need to trust the web-shop. Firstly never make a large order. Buy something like 1 box of Clenbuterol. With shipping it should cost less then 50 USD. If it arrives, you are "good to go to" make a larger order.
Check out the payment system. The more payment options the more trustable. Also keep an eye n the response time. You should always receive answers within 24hours. Best within 6-12 hours.

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