Definition "STEROIDS"

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Steroid definition


If you started working out and are concerned about your physical shape, then most probably you heard about steroids. Some people use them and say that they are okay, helping them achieve a better-sculpted body, while others consider steroids a danger for their health and well-being, thinking that a proper diet and healthy lifestyle, together with a well-chosen exercising program, is all you need to have a great looking body and nicely shaped muscles. But, what are steroids and are they good or bad? If you want to make a smart decision in your case, you’ll need to be informed first.


Different views

When you think about steroids, you probably have an image about certain supplements people take when working out in order to look better. Well, while this is one scenario involving steroids, these organic compounds can be naturally found in our body, and in the organisms of animals and plants as well. Cholesterol, for example, is a type of steroid that is extremely important for the membrane of the body’s cells. We are talking about the good cholesterol, of course, as the bad cholesterol is known to do more damage than good to your body. You should also know that steroids can be prescribed by a doctor for some medical conditions, such as asthma because it helps the body deal with the issue easier.

It is worth knowing that there are many synthetic steroids on the market, which means that they have nothing natural in their composition, being products created in a laboratory. A few examples of steroids used for health problems are cortisone, for pain and swelling, or corticosteroids, like prednisone, used for treating conditions like lupus or arthritis. There are also the controversial anabolic steroids, which were initially created to stimulate muscle production in patients that suffer from muscle loss, due to their health condition, or for addressing late puberty. This kind of steroids act very similar to male hormones and are sometimes used, illicitly, by people that wish to gain muscle mass fast and with little effort.


Time shortener

You see, when you work out and get sore muscles, small tears in the muscles fibers appear, stimulating the muscle to revive itself by growing slightly bigger so that it will answer to your body’s need for physical strength. Thus, when you work out in a constant manner, the result is bigger and better muscles. Of course, this takes time and plenty of workout sessions, anabolic steroids shortening the process a lot, by stimulating muscle growth and slowing down muscle tear, which means less downtime in case of physical effort and exercising.



Athletes are usually the ones that use steroids because they help them be faster, better, and stronger. But, as in the case of anything that is of synthetic nature, there are always unwanted side-effects and risks. Steroids can also change the emotional and mental state of a person, promoting anger and irritability. Abusing steroids can also lead to a series of health problems, such as liver tumors and jaundice, serious acne issues, kidney problems, fluid retention in the body, infertility, breast growth, baldness, and shrinkage of the testicles. So, do consider if it’s worth the risks just to get bigger and better muscles ahead of time. Do keep in mind that if your meals are healthy and balanced and you have a constant and consistent workout program, you will build muscles in time.

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