Coronavirus test and steroids

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How is Coronavirus tested?
Will the test show that I am using steroids?


Science identified Coronavirus first in 1966. Since then, it knows that Coronavirus is a frequent cause of the common cold. A common cold is a self-limiting illness, and doctors rarely ask for viral tests except for research purposes.


However, this latest epidemic caused by the mutation of Coronavirus (Covid-19) is different. This newest avatar of Coronavirus is a lung eater. It causes severe pneumonia, and that is why so many deaths and panic.


How is Coronavirus tested?

Since the rise of Coronavirus came as a surprise for most countries, there is no express test available for it. Fortunately, it can be accurately detected by one of the old lab tests called real-time PCR.


For the PCR test, genetic material of Coronavirus is collected from the person by throat swab. Then this genetic material is multiplied in a lab and identified with the help of various immunological reagents.


It is quite a precise test. The only downside of the PCR test is that it takes a few hours to carry out the analysis. In theory, about 1.5 to 2 hours, but in practice, it may take much longer.


Many research institutions are trying to come up with faster or express tests. In the coming days, we may see many other new tests in use.


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Will coronavirus test show that a person is using steroids?

No, not at all. This is technically or somewhat chemically, not possible. Coronavirus test uses the knowledge of genetics and immunology to find the virus.  On the other hand, drug tests work through more straightforward chemical reactions.


Drugs are tested through biochemistry tests and viruses through immunological reactions.


Besides, there is something called sensitivity and specificity in lab tests. Sensitivity means how accurately a test can detect a virus or some drug. Whereas, specificity means that how specific is any given test for that particular substance (and does note give false results). Most tests these days are 99% sensitive and specific.


Additionally, it is necessary to know that there is no such universal test that can show the use of all the steroids. Some of the more complex tests for steroids are capable of detecting the use of multiple steroids, but such tests are not used in common diagnostic laboratories. Advanced checks for steroids are only available at specialized labs.


Tracing, testing, isolating, is the only way of fighting coronavirus. Testing helps identify it early and prevent its spread. There is no reason to fear coronavirus tests, even if a person is taking steroids.


It is also essential to understand that although Coronavirus is rarely fatal for young individuals, it does cause severe damage to health. In some cases, the damage could be so severe that it may take months to recover. Early detection may help prevent severe complications.


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