On steroids while pregnant

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Steroids use while pregnant

Using steroids in pregnancy is a big NO. There are hundreds of reasons, known and unknown, for such a statement.


All anabolic steroids are called AAS (androgenic anabolic steroids), which means that they have properties of causing male characteristics (androgenic properties).


Let’s first look at more readily understood reasons for not using steroids in pregnancy.


If a woman is pregnant with a female child, androgenic properties may not be required. It may have adverse effects on the development of the sexual organs of the child. Similarly, it may negatively impact a male child by accelerating the development of male sexual organs.


It will be wrong to think that steroids may make a baby (to be born) stronger, especially if it is male. Hormones work in a far more sophisticated manner than most people imagine. Studies show just the opposite results, which means that a high level of testosterone (or anabolic steroids) may reduce the growth of a child in a womb. A higher level of steroids in the blood may result in low weight and lower height of a child.


Synthetic steroids differ from testosterone. They may also negatively affect the growth of various organs of the developing fetus. This may finally increase the risk of developmental errors.


There are numerous poorly understood implications of the high level of androgens in pregnancy.


Hormones are chemical messengers, and they play a critical role in the developmental programming of the child. It is almost impossible to say about the long-term negative impact of steroid/androgens (AAS) use in pregnancy.


Some studies indicate that the sexual orientation of a child may have lots to do with the levels of androgens in early pregnancy. This means that using steroids may affect the sexual orientation of the unborn child.


The level of androgens may have long-term consequences on the personality of the child or adult. Steroids may have adverse effects that may not be immediately visible. However, a child born to a mother using steroids may have psychological issues as an adult.

Therefore, for those using steroid in pregnancy need to keep in mind:

  • Steroids may not necessarily have an anabolic effect on the fetus; on the contrary, they may result in stunted growth and low body mass.
  • Steroids may alter the formation of the sexual characteristics of the child (Both physical and mental).
  • Steroids may lead to virilization of a girl child if the mother abuses AAS.
  • Steroids may affect the sexual orientation of the unborn child later in life.
  • Steroids are complex hormones playing a role in developmental programming; thus, they may have unknown consequences for a child. It may alter the psychology of an unborn child forever.

There are no known medical uses of anabolic steroids in pregnancy.


Sportswomen taking anabolic steroids should carefully plan their pregnancy. They should ensure a sufficient wash-out period. It means that they should only get pregnant when their body has ultimately got rid of anabolic steroids; in practice, it means at least three months or more.


For those planning to get pregnant, it could be a good idea to share any information with a doctor. A medical specialist may help counter the unwanted effects of steroids.

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