On steroids When Obese

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Using Steroids When Obese


Everyone knows that anabolic steroids help gain mass. Thus, it is natural to ask if they are right to use in obesity. Can one use them to lose bodyweight?


The answer is “yes.” Steroids help gain muscle mass, burn fat tissues, boost metabolic processes, strengthen immunity, and even normalize hormonal imbalance in obese individuals. That is why people with resistant obesity often retort to steroids. Even females use anabolic steroids to improve their results.


One should not confuse mass gain that comes with steroid use with obesity. In obesity, the mass gain is primarily due to fat accumulation, whereas, in steroids, it is mainly due to muscle mass increase. An increase in muscle mass is good for health, but not extreme fat accumulation, which causes hormonal disbalance and chronic inflammation that is responsible for many diseases.


Obese people are living with hormonal imbalance.


It is well understood that both testosterone and estrogens are present in men and women. Gender differences are primarily decided by there ratio in the genders. In men, testosterone dominates, and in females, estrogen dominates.


Estrogens are suitable for male health in the right amount. In most men, they are produced in fat cells through the conversion of testosterone with the help of aromatase. Studies show that in obese men, aromatase level is higher, and they live with reduced testosterone to estradiol (T: E2) ratio.


This altered testosterone to estradiol ratio in obese men is one of the contributing factors to a higher level of systemic inflammation, poor health. This hormonal imbalance is the primary cause of gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissues) in many obese individuals.


Further, studies also confirm that obese people are living with lower testosterone levels in comparison to their non-obese peers. This not only makes them obese, but they also make physical training challenging for them, and they quickly get exhausted.


All this means that obese men and even women will benefit from anabolic steroids. The steroids will help manage hormonal imbalance, boost energy levels, enhance fat burning, and promote muscle mass accumulation. Although one can gain excellent results solely with the help of the right kind of diet and training program, steroids can considerably accelerate things.


Studies in men show that prolonged use of oral steroids may help reduce resistant abdominal fat, especially in older men.


Another reason to believe is the experience of steroid users. Most men see positive changes in the body after using steroids. In fact, steroids are commonly used by females to overcome obesity. Usually, steroids used by females differ from those used by men. Females should choose steroids with lesser androgenic activity.


One important thing all obese men should know when using steroids for weight loss.


As already mentioned in the article earlier that obese men have increased expression of aromatase. It means that when obese men use steroids for weight loss, they are at greater risk of developing gynecomastia. However, this is not a cause for worry. It highlights the importance of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) and the importance of using aromatase inhibitors by anabolic steroids users.