Food and steroids

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Does Food Effects Steroids?


It is essential for those using steroids (anabolic androgenic steroids) to know that food items interact with various drugs. Food can significantly influence the bioavailability and thus the effectiveness of drugs, including steroids.


This interaction may happen at various stages. Most commonly, food might interfere with the intestinal absorption of the drug. This interference is not always negative, as in some cases, food may instead promote absorption and enhance the effectiveness of the drugs.


Interaction between food items and drugs may also happen at other sites like in the liver (competing for metabolism), blood, various cellular receptors, and much more.


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Does food affect steroids?

Now, coming back to the primary topic, does food interact with steroids, and is this interaction good or bad? Food indeed interacts with anabolic steroids and influences their activity. However, lots will depend on the route of steroid use (injectable or oral), type of steroid (testosterone analog or designer steroid). Also, a kind of diet plays a role (fatty or high protein).


When it comes to injectable steroids, interaction with food will be minimal. Most injectable steroids are slow releasing (forming a depot in skeletal muscles). Nevertheless, it is vital to understand that since these are anabolic steroids, a high protein diet will have added benefits.


Oral steroids are altogether a different story. Usually, food does not seem to influence their activity much. Some types of diets may even enhance their activity.


Studies show that testosterone analogs, when taken orally may have better bioavailability, especially when taken with a fatty diet. This is because testosterone is fat-soluble.


But then it is worth understanding that people rarely use oral forms of testosterone, as such formulations are not commonly available in the market. Most people use testosterone in injectable form.


Thus, most athletes use the so-called designer steroids. These steroids are created by modifying testosterone to make them resistant to gastric juices, boost their anabolic activity (muscle forming ability), and reduce their androgenic side effects.


Studies show that food may not have much influence on the activity of such designer anabolic steroids. Food may not considerably boost their activity, and neither reduce their action.


Thus, one can conclude that there is no relation between the efficacy of steroids and time of food intake for injectables.


In the case of oral steroids, oral forms of testosterone are absorbed better when taken with food.


For designer steroids (synthetic testosterone analogs containing a modified form of the hormone), interaction with food is minimal.


Since there are so many types of synthetic steroids, it is still a good idea to do some research for a molecule one is planning to use; read the product label carefully. The most product label will mention if there is some considerable adverse interaction with food items.


Finally, one should not forget that a protein-rich diet and regular training are essential for optimal benefit from anabolic steroids.