Steroids and Penis

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Do Steroids Make Your Penis Small?

(Does Steroids Make Your Penis Shrink Or Grow?)


Testosterone is a sex hormone, and any changes in its levels will affect sexual health, performance. Most males go through an upsurge in the levels of testosterone during puberty resulting in the development of male characteristics like the growth of body hairs, hoarseness of voice, enlargement of testicles and penis.


Steroids suppress the production of natural testosterone through the negative feedback mechanism. When the body detects high levels of androgens in the blood, it sends information to the brain. Brain in return asks pituitary glands to cut down the production of LH and FSH, and stop stimulating the testicles, as an effort to reduce the production of testosterone and normalize the levels of androgens in the body.


Short run

In the short run, this mechanism does not do harm, and only protects our body. Athletes would usually take steroids in cycles, use of steroid followed by a period of discontinuation. Further, athletes would use medical drugs to stimulate the pituitary gland and testicles. All, this will help revive the production of natural testosterone.


However, many professional athletes would not take many breaks from steroids and continue to use them for years together. So, what happens in case of continuous and prolonged use of steroids?


Continuous use

On continuous use, the body never gets a chance to revive its natural production. The brain continually keeps sending a signal via pituitary gland to suppress the production of testosterone in testicles. Over the long run, the body starts feeling as if it does not require testicles at all.


The human body is very efficient in utilizing resources. It operates on simple principle “use it or lose it,” this means that if testicles remain suppressed and unused for long, they start losing their weight, they start shrinking.


However, those taking steroids regularly, have normal levels of testosterone or androgens in the blood, or even higher than normal. It means that despite the shrinking testicles and falling levels of sperms, steroid users continue to enjoy sex. Some of these individuals even have a higher appetite for sex.


Normal sexual life means that the penis is used regularly, unlike testicles. This helps maintain its size (length and girth). In short, steroid use or misuse does not lead to a smaller penis.


The human penis is made of muscle tissues. It means that its size also depends on how frequently it is used. The unused penis may become bit smaller (though not considerably). Whereas, regular sexual life will ensure that it does not get smaller.



steroids do not make penis smaller, but they do affect libido, which increases and decreases according to steroid cycles. Long term steroid misuse almost always leads to the shrinking of testicles, fall in fertility levels, and disruption in production of sperms leading to infertility. In some individuals, the penis may look relatively small, just because of tremendous growth in body’s size.

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