Epilepsy and steroids

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Epilepsy and steroids

(can I use AAS when I have Epilepsy?)


Epilepsy is one of the five most common neurological diseases. It is a condition in which a person gets a fit of seizures, and frequently that happens for no apparent reason. Little is known about the causes of epilepsy. In 60% of the cases, doctors do not understand why it happens, all they know is that such a fit of seizures occurs due to some defect in the brain.


In a small number of cases, doctors may know the cause of epilepsy, like a tumor, severe chronic brain infection, brain trauma, vascular disease of the brain, and so on.


In most cases, there is little relationship between epilepsy and physical activity. Therefore, it is fine for a person with epilepsy to take part in various sports, though some cautions must be taken. In some cases, a person living with epilepsy may know the triggers. However, in most cases fits happen abruptly with no known cause.


Epilepsy cannot be cured but can be effectively managed. It means that a person living with epilepsy may be on multiple drugs in most cases. Majority of these drugs suppress various brain centers, affect the way the human brain works, and thus reducing the tendency of fits. In some cases, medications may help get rid of seizures completely. Nevertheless, a person with epilepsy will need to take these medications lifelong.


Now the critical question “Can a person with epilepsy take anabolic steroids?”

Theoretically reply is “No.! However, it does not necessarily mean that steroids cannot be used at all. In the case of epilepsy, many factors must be considered like the severity of epilepsy, a number of drugs person is taking to control seizure, and cause of epilepsy.


In case of epilepsy only a doctor would be able to say whether taking anabolic steroids is safe or not, but regretfully they will say NO in most of the cases. Although there are only a few ways in which anabolic steroids can worsen epilepsy directly, however, they can intervene with treatment indirectly.


There are three possible ways in which anabolic steroids may affect those living with epilepsy.

  1. First and foremost, some of the synthetic anabolic steroids may change the level of epilepsy medications thus making them less effective. This interaction may happen at various levels like in the liver, or blood, and so on.
  2. Secondly, anabolic steroids are known to affect the working of the brain, something that may not go well with those living with epilepsy. However, the final effect in most cases will be unpredictable. It means that some individuals may see a worsening of epilepsy and others not.
  3. Thirdly, it is essential to understand that anabolic steroids change the body’s metabolic rate. Thus, it may change the way other medications work. Again, in most cases, the final effect would be unpredictable.


In conclusion, although doctors would not agree with using steroids when on epilepsy treatment. However, in most cases, the outcome would be unpredictable. It is quite probable that in the majority of cases there will be no a negative outcome. In the case of epilepsy, injectables like testosterone esters will be a safer option.



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