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Testosterone Cypionate

When people start the journey of building muscles, improving performance, everything goes visibly fast. With each passing week, one can see the changes in the body, improvement in shape, muscle mass.


However, as time passes, one of the two things happen. Either a person hits the plateau, and things stop progressing as he/she would like to see, or a person wants to get bigger in a faster way. And the only way to fasten the growth and performance is to add steroids to your regime.


When an athlete starts considering using steroids testosterone is often the first choice, and it is for a reason. Testosterone is naturally produced in our body in a small quantity. It is needed for keeping men fertile, enabling erection, body hair growth. It strengthens muscles, bones, improves post-workout recovery time, and helps burn fats faster.


Theoretically, it means that since testosterone is naturally produced in our body, taking some extra amount from outside must be quite safe.


To an extent, it is true that testosterone is one of the safest of steroids. However, some side effects with testosterone may occur as nowadays these testosterones are produced synthetically, and they differ a bit from naturally occurring testosterone.


It is true that synthetic testosterone is quite similar to the natural one. However, the problem with natural testosterone is that it works for only a few hours, before being wholly metabolized and excreted by the body. Synthetic testosterone, on the other hand, is esterified (addition of extra fat molecule). Esterification slows down its breakdown in the body and it acts longer. Thus if cypionate is added to testosterone than its half-life is extended for 10-12 days. It means that it remains in our body for about 20 days.

Testosterone Cypionate is among the long-lasting esters, with many benefit over other steroids:

  • Long-lasting action means that injection taken once a week is enough. For beginners or those with low body mass, even one dose in two weeks may work.
  • It is close to natural testosterone in structure. Thus it is very safe.
  • It is especially useful for bulking, that is improving mass and strength.
  • It also works well when taken with other steroids by advanced users as it helps to cope with the side effects of low T-levels in the body while on steroids.


Getting started with Testosterone Cypionate

It is often classified as a perfect steroid for beginners. It is not entirely illegal drug as it is widely sold in pharmacies to treat low level of testosterone. It is also approved by FDA to treat muscle wasting in certain medical conditions or due to prolonged illness.


There is lots of controversy among the users whether it works better by taking it at high doses and less frequently, or lower doses but frequently. Nonetheless, in most cases, it is taken on a weekly basis.


For those starting with steroids, 100-200 mg weekly dose will be enough. Although, advanced users looking to treat low T-levels may require 200-400 mg per week.


As in most cases, recommended cycles is for 12 weeks followed by resting period. If a person uses steroid frequently, post cycle therapy (PCT) will be needed to get rid of side effects and improve the natural production of testosterone.


Stacking with testosterone is more complicated. Stacking is a way of using multiple steroids at the same time. Stacking is only recommended for experienced users. Before starting stacking, it is better to use each steroid individually to know how your body reacts.


In conclusion, Testosterone Cypionate is easy to take, fast and long-acting, and among the safest of steroids to start with. Thus no surprise that it is also called steroid of beginners. However, it does not mean that it is any less potent than other steroids. When taking steroids, it is wise to learn more about their possible side effects.




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