Mastabol 100, Briitish Dragon

Mastabol 100, Briitish Dragon

Mastabol 100, British Dragon

  • Name: Mastabol 100, British Dragon
  • Effective substance: Drostanolone propionate (masteron)
  • Content: 100mg/ml (10ml)
  • Administration: intramuscular injection
  • Known as: Masteron, dromostanolone propionate, Drolban, Masteril

The main effects of Mastabol is visible during a cutting cycle. But to be truly appreciated the bodybuilder will need to be already lean. This is why the product is used at the end of a prep cycle (for a contest). Masteron will help lose the last bit of fat. The bodybuilder who is under 10% body fat should be able to notice some results and produce a harder, dryer look, but much over 10% and the effects may not be all that pronounced.

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Tags: mastabol 100, British Dragon, masteron, dromostanolone propionate, Drolban, Masteril, drostanolone, propionate

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