Primotest 600 (10ml), Genesis

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Primotest 600 (10ml), Genesis

(600 mg/ml) 10 ml vial

The preparation Primotest the Genesis 600, which you can buy cheaply from us, 200 mg Methenolone enanthate 300 mg testosterone enanthate 100 mg testosterone propionate. This is a very powerful drug used mainly by experienced athletes. It is a mixture of esters of testosterone in the optimal ratio of components.

It has anabolic and androgenic effect, allows you to type in a large amount of weight in a short time and to raise power rates. In general, positive effect on body tone.

Initially this drug precursors Primotest the Genesis 600, which can be beneficial to buy from us, had a way of testosterone use in medicine, manual describes them as a drug for cancer of breast in women, as well as delays in the development and muscle growth in adolescents. Now for women to use the drug is limited due to the high risk of unwanted side effects.

But in the power sports, powerlifting and bodybuilding properties Primotest the Genesis 600, the price of which are lower than in the main on the internet, injections are highly valued. The drug Primotest the Genesis 600, Bi kotorіy can buy cheaply at a profit for you - a strong anabolic and androgen, even when using a solo athlete can significantly increase its power and weight. Even the high cost of the drug does not reduce its position in the ranking of sports facilities for athletes.

 By the effects of the Genesis Primotest 600, which you can buy online with us, true blood oxygen saturation, activation of blood formation in general, anti-catabolic activity, increased libido on the course.

The recommended dosage is 250 mg to 600 Primotest the Genesis, which you can buy cheaply from us for a week. Weightlifters can use up to 2 g in 7 days.

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