Top 5 mistakes people make with steroids

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Five Mistakes Using Steroids

The right use of steroids is essential for health. You must follow the correct dosages, cycles, eat a proper diet, and use original products. Often, improper use results from misinformation and not receiving critical education about steroids. While most people associate steroids with adverse side effects, they are perfectly safe and beneficial to the body. Let us discuss common mistakes, resulting from steroid use. Ignorance is not one of them, but it is the mother of all these errors. If you desire all the benefits of steroids avoid:

1. High Dosages

We can argue that; if a small dosage leads to a wondrous transformation, then doubling or tripling the recommended amount, will lead to an acceleration of the change. Put simply; this is risky and unsafe. They are dangerous because your liver and kidneys have to put in extra effort to deal with the added dosage. It can lead to lasting damage to body organs and crop up of other ailments.

Studies have proven that excessive dosages are ineffective. Why so? You have steroid receptor sites in muscle cells, which have a limit on the number of steroids they can accommodate. Any further dosage will not produce any effect. To add more insult to the injury excessive amounts are converted to estrogen (the female sex hormone). Thus, don’t fall for misinformation that successful bodybuilders are those who overdose on steroids and testosterone.


2. Low Dosages

While taking excessive dosages is a problem, likewise, low dosages will not produce any noticeable changes. Each steroid has a “cycle” which denotes the amount of the drug to use. Typical cycles last for 8-12 weeks, followed by the off-cycle for minimal as so long as your steroid cycle was. During the cycle bodybuilders, can take high doses, and halt for the body to utilized and recover from the steroids. Thus, avoid prolonging the cycle by taking low dosages.


3. Steroid Use without Adequate Education

Since steroids can either help or harm, learning all about the proper use seems obvious. When taking steroids; avoid getting directions from another gym user. First, they are not qualified to offer advice, unless they are trained doctors; but not all doctors have relevant information. You can ask other users where they get their info or request for recommendations on specialists to approach. The correct facts about use are the key.


4. Poor Training

Steroids call for high-intensity workouts. During the cycle, there is an elevated amount of the drugs in your blood, meaning you can exercise more and enjoy short recovery times. Weight training should feature as the primary activity. It activates the skeletal muscles to use the elevated amount. 


5. Diet

Supplements cannot replace a proper diet. Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) call for a high protein diet, full of calories. Consuming steroids requires an uptake of 6,000-9,000 calories per day, compared to 2,500-3,000 calories for ordinary people. Proteins should be about 30% of the diet, 55-60% carbs and an adequate amount of fats. You can also supplement the nutrient intake using protein bars, and other supplements.


Steroids are beneficial, safe, and practical. No one should tell you that they are dangerous. Just use them, while avoiding these mistakes.

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