Alergic to steroids?

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Can you be allergic to steroids?


In short, the answer is “Yes.” Fortunately, those planning to use steroids need not worry much as an allergy to these agents is rare. Moreover, you have a number of steroids to choose from; this means that if you are allergic to one kind of steroid, you can still use another. Because of the varied chemical structure of steroids, chances of cross allergy are slim.


Another essential thing to understand about drug allergies is that such allergies are not necessarily towards active components. Steroids, quite like any other medications have a number of other supporting substances like binder, stabilizers, preservatives, impurities. This means that a person may be allergic to other non-active excipients, and in such cases switching to another type of steroid will help avoid the risk.


It is never possible to rule out allergic reactions to any medication completely. A person can be allergic to just any food item, medicine, and so on. Thus, a small number of people are allergic to bread. Some people are even allergic to anti-allergic medications like anti-histamines or even corticosteroids.


How can a person know about allergy?

There is no way to know about allergy to a particular substance, without ever using or taking it. Allergy is sometimes called hypersensitivity (due to the hyper reaction of immunity) or even madness of immunity. Nevertheless, people with a family history of allergies, or those who already have allergies to other substances are at higher risk.


If allergy occurs, it is not easy to identify as its symptoms vary among individuals. There is four types of known allergic reactions with the different underlying mechanism. Thus, an allergic reaction can be almost instant or quite delayed. Some allergic reactions can be life-threatening, while others may be limited to the development of a few localized skin rashes.


Some of the symptoms that may say about allergies are:

  • Skin rashes or hives are the most frequent allergic reactions of food items and medications. Hives, usually occur, almost instantaneously after taking a drug or steroids. Although, in some cases, such a response may be delayed.
  • Itching is another typical reaction that may occur before skin rashes or along with them.
  • Wheezing or other breathing issues may occur in some. Such people are prone to wheezing and may have a history of various respiratory allergies.
  • Swelling and vomiting.
  • Feeling dizzy or lightheadedness.
  • Anaphylaxis – although rare, but it is a quick and life-threatening reaction. In the absence of medical care person may die within a few hours. That is why it is essential to know this reaction quite well. In anaphylaxis, there is a difficulty in breathing which sends the whole body into shock.


Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency which cannot be treated at home. Fortunately, it is uncommon with anabolic steroids.


If you think that you have an allergy to any kind of steroid you should consult a medical specialist. In most cases taking anti-histamine drug would help relieve symptoms.


In case of allergy, it is better to take a steroid that is chemically entirely different to the one that caused reactions. It is extremely rare to have hypersensitivity to many steroids.


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