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Testosterone Mix (Sustanon)


Pure, unmodified human testosterone has a half-life of about 10-minutes only. It means that it is cleared from the body in less than 30 minutes. If one will use unmodified human testosterone, then there will be a need for multiple doses a day.


Researchers overcame this limitation of unmodified natural testosterone by altering it. The most common way to increase its duration of action is through esterification. Thus, scientists could create testosterone that may stay in the body for several hours to even several months.


All testosterone esters are in an oil base, and they should never ever be injected into veins. They are only for intramuscular injections. These altered testosterones form hormone depot in muscles, from where they are gradually released over the prolonged interval.


Esterification did not solve all the problems.

It might seem that esterification has solved all the problems, but it is far from true. Take an example of Testosterone undecanoate, which can act for 3-months. So, why not just take one injection of it in a cycle without a need for frequent regular injections.


Such prolonged-acting testosterone may be suitable for medical use, hormonal replacement therapy, or naïve users. However, it is of less value for experienced users. As one can readily understand that, such a prolonged action, testosterone starts acting very slowly, and it only gradually (after a couple of weeks) achieves maximum activity. And then, there is a plateau, followed by a prolonged decline in testosterone level.


Those in bodybuilding or using steroids for building muscle mass and endurance want something that works more predictably, fast, and still lasts longer. Since no single testosterone ester has all these qualities, one of the tricks could be combining multiple testosterone esters. It may be good to combine faster-acting testosterones with medium and long-duration testosterone. Such an injection will act fast, work longer, and thus eliminate the need for frequent injections without compromising the efficacy.


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Sustanon, an excellent combination of testosterone esters


As one can understand that combining various testosterones (fast-acting with slow-acting) manually can be a lot of hassle. Fortunately, there are many good combinations available in the market. And one such formulation is Sustanon.


Sustanon contains 250 mg of total testosterone. It combines four types of testosterones:

  • 30 mg testosterone propionate
  • 60 mg testosterone phenylpropionate
  • 60 mg testosterone isocaproate
  • 100 mg testosterone decanoate


It is created for a weekly injection. It starts working almost immediately, quickly releasing testosterone in the blood. It elevates testosterone levels in a very predictable way for a week.


It is the reason why Sustanon is one of the most preferred testosterone injections by bodybuilders and other athletes. It acts fast, maintains testosterone level for a prolonged duration. It is equally suitable for beginners and experienced steroids users.