Nandrorapid (NPP), Alpha Pharma

Out Of Stock Nandrorapid (NPP), Alpha Pharma

Name: NandroRapid, Alpha Pharma
Effective substance:  Nandrolone phenylpropionate
250mg/ml (10ml)
Administration: Intramuscular injection

NPP is a relatively new steroid. It was created within the past 10 years. Nandrolone phenyl-propionate (NPP) is like the “brother” of Nandrolone Decanoate (deca). They are similar in molecular construction.

The half-life of NPP is cca. 72 hrs.
Pros of NPP compared to Deca:

  • Small/no water retention
  • Instant lubrication of joints + pain-relief to injection places.
  • Fast acting
  • doesn't leave you awful shut down for prolonged periods of time like deca
  • Faster recovery of the HPTA after cycle

Sides of NPP equated to Deca:

  • more regular shots
  • Can have  painful shots

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