Oxanabol, Alpha Pharma

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Oxanabol, Alpha Pharma

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Top benefits of Anavar:

  • One of the best steroids for female bodybuilders, as it would not produce masculine characteristics like hoarsening of voice, growth of facial hair, clitoral enlargement...
  • great safety profile for men -among the safest. It does not produce gynecomastia or hepatotoxicity.
  • faster recovery after the workout. Improves performance, so you can work out for longer and make progress faster.
  • not be the best choice for bulking, but in increasing strength. It is a better to improve power and looks, without increasing weight.
  • It is a steroid for cutting. (burn fat, but at the same time continue to increase lean mass).
  • Anavar can produce even better results combined with other fat burning supplements.

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