Genotropin 36iu, Pfizer

Genotropin 36iu by pfizer

Genotropin 36iu, Pfizer

Name: Genotropin

Active substance: Somatropin

Brand : Pfizer

Package: 36iu

The awesome advantage of HGH is that it increases muscle mass. Through it, you can maximize the effects of weightlifting and feel amazing results on your body.

Growth hormone is directly linked to weight loss. It accelerate lipolysis, the body is able to crush down fat cells quicker. This wake up your metabolism and leads to a much leaner body.

HGH regulates bone growth and strengthens their structure. Besides the quality of your bone mass, it can heal bones and fractures faster. If you have been injured, this is the best choice for you.

Males improve their sex drive. Human Growth Hormone is connected to sexual performance. Erectile dysfunction? Solution often lies in the increase of HGH.

Growth Hormone results in better sleep quality. The same hormone often results in better mood and less depression.

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