Humatrope 18 iu

Out Of Stock 18 HGH ius by Eli Lilly

Humatrope 18 iu

Name: Humatrope 18 iu-6 mg

Active substance: Somatropin

Brand : Eli Lilly

Package: 18 IU (6 mg) Cartridge

The effects of HGH is noticable after two weeks. The prominent changes can be seen after two months, if this growth hormone is being used every day. Usual a basic HGH cycle should take atleast 3 months. Depending on the demands of a bodybuilder, the duration can be increased or decreased. Longer cycle is for slow muscle gain (4 to 5 months). Shorter cycle is for accelerating fat loss and preventing muscle from catabolism.

The best time injecting is in morning since growth hormone works efficiently when insulin and sugar level is low. This is due to the fact that insulin and GH effect fat tissue antagonistically. It is recommended for bodybuilders to do cardio if they are performing cutting.  This practice increases the efficiency of HGH to an extreme degree because HGH causes an increase in FFA level and energy will be taken from fat due to the intense aerobic workout. The next injection of grown hormone should be taken after approximately 5-6 hours and special attention should be paid on the quantity of injection because both first and second injections must be equal in quantity for best results.

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