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Primabolan tablets, La Pharma

Name: Primabolan tablets, La Pharma, LaPharmaEffective substance: Methenolone AcetateContent: 25mg/t..

$100.00 Ex Tax: $100.00

Primo tabs, Alpha Pharma

Name: Primo tabs Alpha PharmaEffective substance:  Methenolone AcetateContent: 25mg/tab (50 tab..

$164.00 Ex Tax: $164.00

Primobolan tablets, Genesis

25mg/tab (50 tablets)Metenolone acetate (INN), or methenolone acetate (USAN, BANM) (brand names Prim..

$180.00 Ex Tax: $180.00

Trenarapid (tren ace), Alpha Pharma

Name: Trenarapid, Alpha PharmaEffective substance: Trenbolone acetateContent: 100mg/ml (10ml)Adminis..

$106.00 Ex Tax: $106.00

Trenbol 100 (10ml), Genesis

100mg/ml (10ml)Trenbolone acetate (USAN, BANM) (brand names Revalor (in combination with estradiol),..

$110.00 Ex Tax: $110.00

Trenbolone 100, Max Pro

Name: Trenbolone100, MaxProEffective substance: trenbolone acetateContent: 100mg/ml (10ml)Administra..

$59.00 Ex Tax: $59.00