Hollywood and steroids

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Hollywood actors on steroids

Hollywood stars may look like top-rated athletes. However, demands from them differ a lot when compared to sports people. Hollywood actors are almost expected to metamorphose. One role may demand that an actor should weight 100 lbs and others may require that an actor should have super physical powers and should weigh 220 lbs.

Fortunately, Hollywood actors have more freedom, when it comes to choosing the ways of changing their body shape. They are not controlled by agencies like WADA and can use medical and non-medical drugs for faster gains (though it is not done necessarily in a legal way). Therefore, no surprise that they frequently resort to steroids, when they need to gain muscle mass fast.

Here are some of the Hollywood stars known to have used steroids, though not all of them accepted about it.


Arnold Schwarzenegger 

is a sportsman, Hollywood star, and a successful politician. He is one of the few high-profile personalities to accept using steroids publicly. He famously said that in those days (in the 1970s) everyone was using them and he does not regret using them.


Lou Ferrigno

is a hulk sized person, and has stared in many Hollywood film. He competed with Arnie. Although he never accepted using steroids, his trainer has an entirely different opinion. Moreover, most of those training with him were on steroids, thus leaving little doubt that he too took steroids.



Dolph Lundgren

famous anti-hero of the 1980s. It was a decade when extra-large action heroes became in vogue. He accepted that in his initial days he used steroids, but stopped using them later in his carrier.



Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

for last couple of decades he has remained one of the biggest stars (physically too) in the industry. Although, now he is promoting clean eating and hard work in the gym, nonetheless, he had accepted that he used steroids when he was young.



Sylvester Stallone

was also a bodybuilder, quite like Arnie. And then he successfully started his carrier in Hollywood, something that was common I 1980s, when iron-generation was most in demand. He came to limelight with Rocky in the 1980s, and now in his 70ies, he is still going strong. He never accepted using steroids, however, keeping in mind that every one of his times used steroid, chances are slim that he is an exception. Moreover, in 2007, he was found guilty of trying to import HGH (human growth hormone) illegally into the US. It is understood that in 70ies, using steroids is not just enough, and adding HGH to a routine helps a lot.


Christian Bale

is regarded as the master of body transformation. He has changed his shape several times and in a brief period. In one film he may look bulky like a bodybuilder, and for another movie, he may starve himself to lose all those muscles. Although these things are possible with training and right kind of diet, if we consider the fact that he is not a sportsman, rather a busy actor, there is little doubt left that he uses various drugs.

Hollywood stars are frequently required to change body shape in a very short time. Quite often that is not possible solely through dietary measures and workout plan. Whether they accept or not, but specialists do not doubt that they frequently use steroids. Moreover, they do not need to worry about WADA or similar testing agencies.

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