Our safe delivery part1

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Delivered packages

You can see bellow packages that were successfully delivered to our Customers around the world. Contact us if you want to display your own picture and we will gibe you to your next order a discount of 20%.


Delivery time within the European Union is 3-5 working days. Delivery time to the States takes longer, 7-14 working days.

Please notice that due large number or orders there is an delay in preparing and sending packages. Time frame is 3-10 working days. Please be patient. We always send your orders. For any details please contact James here.


Package delivered to our customer in:

Georgia, USA

steroids package delivered to georgia



package with steroids arrived to illinois



package with steroids arrived to Denmark



sibutramine tablets arrived to israel



package containing steroids arrived to Florida



testosterone enanthate arrived to USA



steroid products arrived to USA


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